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Xbox Scorpio Name and 100 4K games listed PS4 Pro is done – Colteastwood

Xbox Scorpio will be named soon, April 6, 2017 Microsoft may reveal specs and more about Scorpio. All games will be 1080p and 100 games confirmed to be set to 4K!

Xbox One Project Scorpio reveal set for April 6


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  1. Can't wait to play these xbox games on PC

  2. Black Friday 2017 Scorpio Bundle + 70"HDR 4k tv= Awesomeness!

  3. colteastwood: good video, keep up with the Scorpio stuff. we cant get enough. Liked & Subscribed!

  4. lol 4k at 60 fps no way the Scorpio wil be under 600$ not if their claims are true but dident day also not say all games wil run at 1080P 60 fps fore the xbox1 and day did not make good on that promis so i sceptical espesly if its under 600$

  5. lol ps4 pro is just getting started

  6. stupid  fanboys. I play on xbox but this is bs.

  7. just go read the toxic garbage on digital foundry video. so many Sony guys telling everyone there's no games and no reason.

  8. Your voice reminds me of julian from trailer park boys (but younger)

  9. Today is the day! Scorpio reveal. Funny how Digital Foundry is doing the reveal since they are Sony PlayStation bias, I'm also curious to hear how the PC Master Race folks are going to take it, they always say just get a PC but the thing is I already have a gaming computer yet I just prefer to play on Xbox. I hope Crackdown 3 will be a launch title or at least release shortly after Scorpio's release.

  10. so any news on the project yet????

  11. people are so happy about the scorpio and how it will run games at 4k. well yea they will run at 4k but at what? low settings at 30fps? lol i guess if 4k is your thing then the scorpio is the system for you. how about you just give the people what they want…[email protected] all games!

  12. wtf is this music in the background from?? it's on the tip of my tongue but I can't remember! AAARGHH it's driving me crazy

  13. you said 4K 60? please explain how a console can do that,

  14. You my man just got a new subscriber! Your video was well executed and got me to actually pay attention threw out the entire video!

  15. But it doesn't really matter if some of Sony's exclusives release this year, or the next. Thing is Sony and their developers takes their time to make the game the ultimate experience. Sony has been delivering, in that regard. The only reason why Phil wants to get the games out there so fast, is because they're still trying to catch up. Last Year, and the year before that Sony has released more exclusives than Xbox has. This year, looks like Sony will do the same again. The difference between the two consoles is of course what each system can do, and what each consoles offers. But, the systems selling point boils down to the exclusives that both systems offer. Xbox One has a couple of awesome titles, but PS4 has doubled that. So far Sony hasn't cancelled any of their games yet. Microsoft has cancelled a couple of theirs. Scalebound was one of the exclusives I was really looking forward to, and thought that it could actually rival Horizon Zero Dawn, maybe even give it a run for it's money. But, we'll never find out, because the game is no more. As Long as the games come out, and have a good story, fun gameplay, beautiful graphics. Then I don't care how long it takes, as long as my money has been spent well, and I don't have any regrets.

  16. I honestly don't care what they call it. I just want to see what it does and how the games will be on it.

  17. I'm a PC guy but I'm really rooting for this scorpio to be the real deal cuz i have a 4k tv that my 970 isn't capable of handling.I also don't feel like upgrading processor,gpy,RAM, yada yada $1200 dollars later for same performance as scorpio.

  18. there's already an xbox one elite.

  19. So exclusive doesn't matter when Xbox doesn't have any? anyways I play on PC and waiting on two things to happen Xbox Scorpio to have good exclusive (right now I can get all Xbox "exclusive" on PC). and how good PlayStation now handles on PC. For now and most of the people buy PS because of their exclusives. So if you want to be a report on something please stop being bias or you will end up like clown news network.

  20. It's ok. The Nintendo Switch is going to take out both the Scorpio and PS4 Pro. Lol