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Xbox Scorpio 4K Games List Revealed: Report

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  1. good video as always mate the part of the article I found most interesting was the fact that any recent games that had used dynamic resolution were going to be able to use that same system to go all the way you 4k games like Halo 5.

  2. ditch the song at the end of all your videos.

  3. so the scorpio is better than pc. no suprise there

  4. I want games running in 30FPS to run in 60FPS. could care less for 4k, 1080p is fine.

  5. But if there is no good exclusives then what is the point after all the choice between ps and Xbox is exclusives and if Xbox doesn't have any then what is the point?

  6. true 4k games? will the price of 4k games be $60 or more?

  7. Who cares Nintendo switch will dominate

  8. Scorpio sounds like a big waste of money. No unique games. 4k who cares ? UWP another Microsoft flop that no one have asked for. Just stay away and get higher framerate anywhere else (steam).

  9. Prediction. The Scorpio will be too expensive to sell well. Not enough people have 4K tvs anyway.

  10. such a powerful console, too bad it has no games on it.

  11. 60 Fps or no buy for me make it happen Microsoft

  12. I would be excited for the Xbox Scorpio, but it seems like it will only be useful if you own a 4K TV.

  13. Can't wait to play the first native 4k console.

  14. 20% less power than what they we're saying I already smell problems I'll pass

  15. why isnt microsoft just doing marketing deals with companies -_-

  16. Pc 4k games list revealed : Everything.

  17. Rockstar doesn't really do E3 anyway from what I remember.

  18. As much as I would love it to. But there is no way that the Scorpio will be able to do 4K, 60fps and be somewhat affordable. I think the best it will do is 4K, 30fps.

  19. Scorpio 4K / 30fps / Medium to High GFX settings
    1080TI PC 4K / 60fps / High to Ultra GFX settings

  20. lol crackdown 3, really? that's still coming??

  21. UNTIL it is released and we actually see what it REALLY is capable of I won't believe any of it.  ALSO, if they don't bring back exclusives it really won't matter.  Honestly all I want to hear from Microsoft at the E3 show is "we are bringing back AAA exclusives and here is what is coming out", don't care about anything else.  MICROSOFT do you know why I own 2 PS4 systems and 2 PC gaming systems, instead of ONE of those and your Xbox One, it's because your system has no exclusives!

  22. I want to play Witcher 3 in 4K at 60fps on Scorpio.

  23. Hopefully. Cus MS nd Xbox are DRY! I'M about to switch to PS….shit.

  24. another possible Forza game ,shit they are milking the shit out of this franchise. ( don't get me wrong I like Forza , but 5 Forza games on one console it's a bit much.)

  25. I enjoy playing my XboxoneS and the PS4 for the exclusives its got but I cant imagine how big the upgrade will be going from XboxoneS to the 6tf Scorpio. Should be pretty huge.

    Ive heard alot of people that had the OG PS4 and upgraded to the PS4 Pro say it was a very underwhelming upgrade.

  26. LMFAO!!!!!! Ponies on suicide damage control watch LMFAO!!!!!! Ponies got a checkerboard cheeseburger POS4 Shit Poo Box LMFAO!!!!!!

  27. don't forget middle Earth shadow of war

  28. Good april fools video I guess, anyday is good for fan boys to bullshit the industry and the market

  29. my guess would be Microsoft will unveil an official "countdown clock" for the unveiling of the scorpio.
    I'm not holding my breath for any more than that at the moment.

  30. I just wish people can just quit worrying about the resolution of the games and more about the performance. I do not think Scorpio will be able to do "native" 4k 60fps. I just don't

  31. Xbox Scorpio will have better exclusives than PS4

  32. Nintendo switch is already dead.

  33. great video as always! I'm hyped lol

  34. Assassin's creed empire is another too

  35. hmmmm hard to trust phill with all the damage

  36. Xbox still got no games you talking about multiplats