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XBOX ONE Free Games – April 2017

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XBOX ONE Free Games – April 2017 (Games with Gold – Xbox Live / XBLA)
© 2017 – Microsoft

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  1. This is weird these games aren't that bad

  2. This is awesome news. I've been wanting to play The Walking Dead Season 2, but I hadn't gotten around to buying it, yet. Now, I can download it for free, which is even better.

    Thank you, Microsoft! 🙂

  3. awh sweet Darksiders 1 I already downloaded 2 a long time ago let's do this

  4. …huh, gon be a good month…except maybe ryse

  5. Please don't suck. Please don't suck. Please don't suck.

  6. Going to be buying an Xbox One game soon, but I am looking for a really good game that I won't have to watch gameplay about. Any good games that I should consider? I'm looking for one below 50$. I love adventure and achievements and a good campaign. Something like The Witcher 3 which I might consider

  7. Im PC Gamer but anyway, your lucky Xboxers : v

  8. i allready fnished assasi creed rev its relly looong game

  9. No black ops 2 so idc about any of these games

  10. the free gold games, are they going to be saved in ur xbox to play at any time or does it have a deadline?

  11. I already have three of them and the other is not worthy of being called a game….

    Still better than Playstation though, I stopped my PS+ mostly for this reason.

  12. sony se acomodou demais e a ms so ta passando por cima

  13. How do you download the free backwards compatibility games?

  14. Hay que reconocer que con el xboxgamepass se han terminado de sacar la polla con respecto a Sony así que nunca me cansaré de decirlo bien alto:
    Pd: tengo todas las consolas de sony desde la PS2 y como tantos millones de personas nos sentimos estafados cada día más

  15. I much prefer Sony over Microsoft, but GODAMN does Xbox One have better free monthly games

  16. FUCK YEAH I really wanted ryse for so long and twd

  17. wow these are great games sucks I already bought them

  18. I'm all about that co-Op with friends man
    This is likely the best month I've seen

  19. When you own all of these games