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Xbox – March 2017 Games with Gold

Play together with Xbox Live Gold. March’s 2017 Games with Gold lineup for Xbox One includes: Layers of Fear and Evolve: Ultimate Edition. For Xbox 360 owners (and through Xbox One backward compatibility), March kicks off with Borderlands 2, followed by Heavy Weapon. March’s lineup provides over $99 dollars in value and up to 3450 gamerscore.


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  1. Can you get the games for February or January 2017

  2. 4 Weeks later and we no nothing about what Aprils Games With Gold 2017s titles are. 4 week in a month last time i check or 31 days

  3. hi xb1. humble request please free games like red redemption and dark soul's.

  4. most of these games can buy brand new for $10 I don't see how it's $100 worth of games at most $30

  5. Make madden 12 & splinter cell conviction on Xbox 1

  6. It doesn't let me install Evolve -_-

  7. I really want dark souls 3 or 2

  8. I'm really hoping that Aprils will be amazing!!! I hope that destiny (any kind of expansion pack because I think the collectors edition will be too soon to ask for) and Slenderman the arrival,and some others like any nfs,and FH2 could be free next month or the month after that ^^ in just hoping that next month will be amazing as this one has!!!

  9. Why do you have to have xbox gold just to play online?

  10. ahhh evolve…a great underrated game single handedly destroyed by the ignorant gaming community and cancerous ADHD game reviewers.

  11. A lot better then psn at least

  12. Are you shittin me ? …. Heavy weapon used to be a button mobile tank game :I

  13. I have played Evolve and it is fun but I can't believe we'll all content for free! Especially Borderland 2!? I'm getting that summer feeling!

  14. Every time I try and download evolve it takes me back to the screen any help ?

  15. any help that I can get would be greatly appreciated. I'm a huuuge fan of the borderlands series

  16. I have the borderlands 2 GOTY edition that comes with the second instal disc but only about 7 of the DLCs that I had are installed the rest of them aren't. idk what to do it says that they are unavailable at the moment. I tried to put in the install disc but only 7 keep showing up.

  17. whenever I start up heavy weapon and get the CTXM logo fading away my Xbox 360 will crash

  18. So far I really enjoy Evolve (even though it's going to die out again in a month or 2.) Personally my favorite game this month, since I had Borderlands 2 for ages.

  19. can anyone be my friend in xbox 360
    my gamertag is blunterparrot94
    my games are minecraft
    fifa 16
    rise of the tomb raider
    i am new so i need some friends so plz
    help me out

  20. Heavy weapon actually looks pretty fun, but I always get all the free games, even if I have them on disc