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Xbox Game Pass Means No Need to Buy Games? New Subscription Service! – The Know Game News

Microsoft is taking on the used games business and trying to convince gamers that Xbox One is worth the investment! How? By launching their own Netflix-style subscription service offering 100+ games for $10 per month!

Linkdump: http://bit.ly/2mqDzHT

Written By: Brian Gaar
Edited By: Kdin Jenzen
Hosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Gus Sorola

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  1. ohh a gold plus would be awesome!

  2. Well,I don't know

    If things keep going like this and head to an all digital market.My gaming days are over.

  3. I guiss the only reason now to buy used games is the collectors

  4. are the free games with gold still going to exist or is this going to replace that?

  5. I will be interested in it, to get some favorite games right off the bat, looking forward to it when it comes out.

  6. Smart move by Microsoft I reckon. Monthly subscription + Xbox live subscription…I wonder if the Microsoft's economy will out do the Sony economy regarding the console market.

  7. I have a One. but I want a PS4 simply because of the exclusives. they are blowing Microsoft out the water in exclusives but the gaming experience and controller is better with Xbox to me. if only. if only they had some of the games Sony is getting exclusively​

  8. Sounds cool, but most games I'm gonna wanna play are gonna be new releases usually. And if there not new, I would already own them because I get them on release…

  9. Look at the head on that guy ?

  10. Forget digital, it's all about physical media baby!

  11. I hate ps now like this xbox game pass still like to play my old games and keep playing them

  12. Nah game subscription services are for suckers. I'll just wait for scalebound oh wait..

  13. Are you pondering what I'm pondering?

  14. I dont want to have to download games, ive already run out of space too many times.

  15. not even remotely interested. already have to pay for a crapy internet to use over the internet that I am already paying for, don't wanna spend more. besides I like having the physical collection.

  16. Does the title putting hate on the xbox company

  17. it's so ironic seeing people cry about the "greed" of retailers and developers. Guess what's going to happen to game developers/the industry once too many spoiled greedy consumers think they are entitled to something that will basically give away games that cost developers millions to produce, for next to nothing?   $10 a month, and you can access all these games?  I'm going to laugh when i see gamer's start to complain once developers severely reduce the amount of games produced, and with small budgets, if this "pass" thing gets too popular. Guess what you get with a lower price? LOWER QUALITY ;D. The people drooling over the thought of getting all these games for only $10 a month are pathetically failing to stop and consider how the developers who make most AAA/etc games, will be harmed.

  18. lol, nope, i prefer to buy/own my games, physically. subscription rentals do not interest me whatsoever, i'm not going to forfeit my consumer ownership rights just to rent a pass that gives you more things than you'll ever have time to use.

  19. I am a playstation 4 owner and I am jealous of the new xbox feature. PS Now does not have new games and it is more than 10 a month. Sigh.

  20. i love this idea. games are to expensive. i maybe buy a game on release date 1-2 times a year now, i have no problem waiting to play. so this… great idea microsoft!

  21. So when Sony does it it's fine but when Xbox does it its evil… ok

  22. As an achievement Hunter this seems like a good idea. Except these games are very common and I own Rare Reply.

  23. all games should be free??
    after subscription?!

  24. Catherine is one of my all time favorite games from the last console generation. I can only hope for more games like this. The puzzles are insanely good. It makes you wonder how they came up with something as profound as that, let alone it's great story-telling

  25. Microsoft just literally keeps digging themselves into a hole.

  26. lol wow it is something i might look into one day , but not right now, i will still go to Walmart or gamestop for games

  27. Soooo 100 titles but is their any new big titles? Probably not if their are new titles I'm in.

  28. Lol a new the media would find away to make Microsoft look bad on this

  29. braaaaah….. tekken tag 2 has been free for months

  30. Is this guy for real? His head is twice as big but his arms is twice as small as the girls. Lmao start lifting you freak

  31. I could see this working if..and only if.. you didn't have to download the whole game. Obviously the technology to stream games is here, but not at the level consumers need for it to work. otherwise it's a good idea…just no one likes to delete/move files to make space or take the time to download 20-30 gigs…

  32. ps now sucks, it's nothing but ps3 games so at least Microsoft is actually throwing in some actual Xbox one games

  33. so when you downloaded the game and the games time is over you lose it ??????

  34. ALL i can say on this subject is that i have a feeling that they want to turn gaming into this subsciption fee based program, where you dont even OWN (physically) your games anymore, but rather "lease"/rent them "indefinitely, i.e. as long as your a member (just like PS+….And no, i dont like it one bit…Now excuse me, while i patiently wait for my Persona5 take your heart CE!!!!

  35. so it's like playstation now