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WORST GAMES of 2016 Gameplay!

“Hey boss, you know how you said you wanted me to make a game as close to Hitman as possible without getting sued?”
“Yeah. How’s it coming?”
“That depends. How good are our lawyers?”
(cue laugh-track)

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  1. "This is like WW2 of Die Hard!"
    What is Die Hard in German? Tot… heeeaartttteehh?

  2. I bought Alekhines Gun and it doesn't make those coconut sounds when you melee. ???

  3. 16:32 Dear Soldiers

    keep killing them Jews

    Doing good

    Love you.

    Sincerely Hitler ❤

  4. Anyone know that little diddy that plays at 3:01?

  5. What's the name of the music used in those transition sides with Bruce wheezing at 0:31 and 4:30?

  6. Umbrella Corps was such a let down..

  7. The assassins creed/hitman before the assassins creed or hitman?

  8. I am extremely surprised at the bountiful amount of sound effects that Bruce can produce.

  9. bruce's wheeze always kills me lmao

  10. "alright, knock that guy out."
    "there's no reason to-"
    "how about your bloodlust, is that- reason enough?"

    quality editing as always

  11. awesome game of zombies and as many fun things that happened in this game and funhaus themselves will make your skin look more fun online even though it may not mean

  12. Aw man. I didn't watch this until now just because I thought it was a montage of bad games you guys played throughout 2016. I didn't know it was new content. Better late than never I guess.

  13. 15:38 Never laughed so hard on a Funhaus video

  14. whoever put bruce's wheeze into that epic transition is a genius.

  15. The editing from Funhaus always kills me. The squeaky noise when Bruce shakes his head is my new favourite

  16. This game should really be continued. Its like a better Hitman.

  17. Can't stop laughing. The whistling, Bruce and James's commentary, the guy walking backwards. Amazing fucking video

  18. 11:52 had me rolling on the damn floor. Love the editor.

  19. all of you guys make me laugh so hard everytime you guys are the best

  20. I didn't bother watching the video until just now because I caught the livestream, but hooooooly shit. This is so much better than the stream was.

  21. That last game NEEDS to be your next Chaser series! Please!

  22. The review score + wheeze had me KOed. That's like the funniest thing ever.

  23. We need a Alekhine's Gun series!!

  24. this some boss level editing right here

  25. What was the funhaus series with the guy that just cursed every sentence?

  26. Adam killing nazis while whistling reminded me of the beginning of Kill Bill with that nurse

  27. Editing is on point af lol on fleek too lol. turnt and lit too lol.

  28. These games weren't that bad, perhaps games are just getting better overall 🙂

  29. the editing in this is soo good

  30. the editing in this is soo good

  31. 15:07 that guy didnt want to see the face of death ???????

  32. I'm surprised they didn't noticed this, but at 7:53 if you pay attention you can see the guard actually spawn in and glitch a bit before he begins to walk his path.

  33. 11:52 i enjoyed this piece of editing very much

  34. I found it very amusing that Umbrella Corps is so lame and shitty that even Funhaus couldn't use more than 4 minutes of footage.

  35. I feel like in every funhaus video, half the humor comes from the commentary, and the other half from the editing. Great job editors, I give you an A+

  36. Gotta get an Alekhine series going ?

  37. Are we truly getting a continuation of Alekhine's Gun?