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WORST GAMES of 2015 Gameplay!

Who crawls down walls
And haunts the halls
And hides keys around the house?
Who causes fears
But never appears
Everyone knows it’s Enki

It’s Enki, it’s Enki
A goblin or ghost or a fiend
This game should be quarantined

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  1. Zombeer would be a great game if you could have sex with stuff

  2. Had to travel back in time to see Joel…

  3. 2:01 "Mercy… the daarkness" that was beautiful.

  4. This video made me discover that a character that I made up who was a creepy, malevolent tv star named Uwe Boll is a real person of the same name. Same spelling too.

  5. 2:02 "The darkness…" Fucking died at that part.

  6. Bruce looks so much more alive here than now lol

  7. Not even close to being half as bad as most steam greenlight shit

  8. What in the fuck was Bruce saying! xD 6:07

  9. 11:57 they are killing the mannequin challenge

  10. Who is watching in december 2016?

  11. Bring on the worst games of 2016!

  12. I wish Joel got a new internship 🙁

  13. How the hell did they guess 66467? 11:06

  14. You know the metacritic ratings mean nothing when zombeer got a better score than alone in the dark. rip metacritic

  15. apparently Enki is actually the name of a Sumerian god :p

  16. Estes dois atrás são chatos!

  17. That is the famous "Wow" signal. Some unknown signal that supposedly originated from outer space. So called because the attending scientist looked at the results and wrote "Wow" next to it in red pen. Much like the interpretation in the game. The More You Know.

  18. Don't breank my heart
    My enki breanki heart

  19. When I was searching this I typed in hame instead of game

  20. that opening is hilarious hahahah

  21. at 9:00 I figured out what the inscription is. it reads "He who knows how to burn with water and wash with fire makes out of the earth heaven and out of the heaven precious earth," its a line inscribed in Christina of Sweden's
    "the Porta Magica 
    and the Italian poets 
    of the Golden and Rosy Cross." I'm great at parties, trust me.

  22. i gave in to the clickbait 🙁

  23. If YouTube has taught me anything, it is that millennials have the shortest of attention spans.