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Will The MT Glitch KILL NBA 2K17 MyTEAM??

So yesterday, there was a huge MT GLitch. Some people got millions of MT and allegedly, others got billions of mt. In this video, I will talk about how i think this mt glitch will affect the market and if I think that this glitch will be the death of myteam

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  1. i got shit cards anyone wanna help me out

  2. This is why I play my park I don't have to worry about this

  3. I didnt watch the video so I don't know if he mentions it but the picture is photoshopped. notice how the guy only uses 1,9,5,2 .

  4. We should play a game called take a shot every time he says 5 "bellian" MT, be hammered after 10 seconds ??

  5. "Alright let's look at the amythests" looks at 3 cards "nope nothing that I can see" ??

  6. the best outcome for anybody who managed to exploit the mt glitch would be to sell it to goldah(or another mt buyer)as fast as possible and get paid because 2k will probably hunt these people like dogs and ban the account as they will not want to allow anybody to get something for free,not sure how much 2k can check individual accounts for evidence of exploiting as i know a lot of people who are regular mt buyers and in large volume too,they also switch mt from various accounts also and have not been banned so obviously they dont see everything,as for any effect on the game i cannot see it having any as other than some lucky people being able to put together a beastly myteam squad if they escape 2ks ban there really is nothing those people can do with crazy mt levels other than sell for cash or buy the myteam of your dreams!

  7. Really I would have grabbed so much…..

  8. Unbeliveable!! I Got A LOT of VC MT GLITCH!!!
    From this AWESOME link>>>> vk.com/wall422366554_2

  9. You didnt understand what the glitch was

  10. Fuck you DBSHIT all your videos are scams. I bought quinton Richardson and he is the worst shooter in the game

  11. you know that Lei Zhang guy is a chinese billionaire? he's paid $38k on this game. And the photo is not photo shop just go on his twitter and you'll see he posted a video showing him have about 15 diamond MJ cards and other expensive af cards on bid

  12. 2k17 is dying as it is cuz its this late in the year. The only ppl I see freaking out are the ppl that has spent hundreds & thousands on VC already.

  13. Just wondering what blacktop level you are on ,
    (I'm only on lvl 7)

  14. Yea but it does hurt people like me who don't spend money. So now I play teams who are way to good.

  15. he cant be a bilioner the name of his team is tel aviv 2 tel aviv is in Israel and there is no bilioners in isreal (i live in israel i now)

  16. Earlier today I saw this one guy buy a Ruby Steph for 75k I was smh

  17. Did you say Afro pig? that kid is an idiot… but I know a lot of people won't spend money and any duplicate I might get I'm just going to quicksell from now on

  18. It's not like the MT has disappeared it's still in the rotation therefore the only thing they can do is either waste it all on packs, get a God squad or price fix