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Will Gaming Laptops Ever Catch Up to Gaming Desktops? – CES 2017

With Nvidia to Razer revealing gaming laptops at CES 2017, we discuss the strength and weaknesses of laptop gaming hardware. Watch more about CES 2017 …


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  1. No Gaming Laptops can never catch up to a Gaming Desktops. The #1 reason is that you can always have better cooling systems in a desktop.

  2. Thank you guys so much for explaining these cards 🙂

  3. hey everyone new to the YouTube community would love some quality tips. DM me if so. thanks a tonne.

  4. Yes because within the next 10 years we will have perpetual motion machines and batteries that absorb zero point energy and will never run out of power and won't need to be plugged in.

  5. Only complete morons would buy a gaming laptop…

  6. laptop is something that should be easy to bring with… but now.. let me take an example of rog and msi… those brand made a beast laptop but i think its not right about how they made it…my friend got a msi laptop and the adapter is like a brick… its weight is like a brick its also size as big as a brick…. about the laptop itself it is so heavy… why would you buy a laptop if you just put it your room without moving it ? why you didnt buy a pc ? or a mini pc ? the price of pc and mini pc itself are way cheaper than a gaming laptop…

  7. I'm interested in getting a gaming laptop a I've never really owned a gaming PC before. I love the idea of gaming laptop as you can take it everywhere. It suits me perfect but I can game for 3-5 hours at a time sometimes so can laptops manage that kind of gaming length without over heating? Also what kinda laptops do you guys recommend. I basically want it to run everything an Xbox one can. Thanks.

  8. Lol way to expensive no one is going to get

  9. Laptops are getting ridiculous xD aced laptop with SLI 1080'S ???? JESUS CHRIST HOW MUCH POWER DO YOU NEED?

  10. Lug around a power supply and the rig, plop it on your lap and place your monitor on top of the tower.

  11. Same chip but not always the same TDP and all the pascal cards automatically overclock/throttle based on temps, so for the best performance and lowest noise you still want the biggest crazy aftermarket coolers (or a water block 😛 ).

  12. Laptops are around 4-5 times the price of an equally powerful desktop, so I don't see the point unless you have to travel alot.

    Though I read you can use a thunderbolt port and plug in a graphics card which would make it alot more reasonable.

  13. Thinking of getting the new MacBook for school. Any other good student laptops out there

  14. If you are talking about just about pure performance in terms of FPS, does it matter if the laptop screen has G-sync or Freesync? You did mention a use case with esports where those extra frames would make a difference but besides that niche in comparison to the larger gaming market, as long as it plays smooth I would say yes they have caught up. If it essentially looks the same to me at 37fps or 120fps, who cares?

    Not really a great question as it is too vague.

  15. Most gaming laptops nowadays have full sized cards in them. Not saying laptops will catch up, due to heat issues but its still out there.

  16. There are gaming Laptops out now where it has the Desktop GTX 1080 Graphics card inside, so with that I would say they are already here with Desktop PC's.

  17. Now that some also have 120hz, Gsync, i7, gtx1080, id say its getting close. If only the price could go down more.

  18. disliked because of the stupidity of the question

  19. This is nice and all but I want that sweet laptop at the end with the windows coming out! with great graphics and processor support of course.

  20. No, because you can't build them.

  21. will pcs ever get good games ?

  22. I hope so. Portability looks more useful and much more sexier to me.