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Why Are Alternative Survival Games Taking Over?

Survival games are taking the world by storm. We take a look at some of the most popular titles and explore what makes them so good.
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  1. Just a fad? Or something more?

  2. Guy that makes these kinds of games be like…
    "I'm just gonna mod this game."
    mods game, is popular
    "Make it a game? Well, okay."
    makes game, become its own genre
    "What have I unleashed onto this world?"

  3. The only survival game that ever interested me was Minecraft. The others never meshed with me, because I don't like the completive multiplayer aspect of it.

  4. I stopped playing DayZ and Rust because of the frustration of having to start all over again after 4 hours of mostly boring work. In Battlegrounds (and H1Z1) if you lose you can just go again and it will be a blast, just like your last attempt. Not everyone has time to spend on pointless grinding

  5. 5 years later "Hey guys it's Andrew the new guy"

  6. I think battle grounds is better by far, I didn't like h1z1 king of the kill after the update that changed all the graphics, but battlegrounds with it awesome graphics realistic gameplay and the fact that it's a first hand game because player unknown was the one who created the hg craze, battlegrounds can to my money even if it was 60$

  7. I much prefer Arma 3 survival mods, like Wasteland or Breaking Point. It's basically the same concept except in a much larger area (Altis dwarfs DayZ). You're also not forced to move every couple of minutes. I realize many people like the battle royale style because it's fast but I like moving around more methodically and actually being able to set up a small camp to place my loot I gathered over time.

  8. the only survival games really worth playing would be ARK and maybe Conan: Exiles (since they've patched it a ton and it plays great now). mostly ARK though, because of the sheer number of ways that the PVP can unfold.

    I've put just shy of a thousand hours into ARK playing exclusively PVP and I can say that the game is very nearly perfect. When I compare that to something like H1Z1 or those style games (hunger games clones) they really don't compare to ARK (or even Conan). I understand why games like H1Z1 are popular though, as they are very simple games made for the casual gamer to pick up and play easily.

    I'm sure by the end of this comment that the die-hard H1Z1 fans (and other shit games like them) will have already smashed that dislike button, but it doesn't change the facts.

  9. this is truly one of my favorite videos Gameranx has put out. great job on the content and background. keep it up!

  10. ive played h1z1 before it came out a d i think both games are equally gold.

  11. No mentions of 7 days to die?
    It is, for me, the best zombie survival game out there because it combines both the element of survival, but also a voxel world that is not all squares.
    Also contrary to ark, where PVE is not really threatening, 7 days to die, on the other hand, encourages PVE coop.
    Every 7 nights, hordes oz running zombie will run toward your base during the whole night.
    The whole point is that you have 7 days to build defence to survive the next blood moon WHILE ALSO exploring, scavenging and surviving.

    If you did not play this game yet, please do, or come and watch my let's play episode on my channel!


  13. So, this entire video is about Player Unknown's Battle Royal/Battlegrounds, not really about survival games in general, just a heads up for people that just clicked on this video… 3:147:47 of a 9 minute video is all about Player Unknown's shit

  14. You literally spent this entire video talking about H1Z1, not even why survival games are taking over…

  15. I like you, New Guy. Keep it up.

  16. If these games are "taking over the market", they are not "alternative" anymore. Just because some of them don't fit the original definition of "survival game" doesn't mean the definition couldn't have changed over the years.

  17. Is agony alternative enough to qualify?

  18. Instead of watching the vid, I can tell you it's really about H1Z1: Battle Grounds, and that they really, really think it's a good game. Oh and it's a perfect fit to stream on Twitch.

  19. I personally LOVE the genre. They are actually probably my favorite.

  20. By Twitch you mean Summit, right?

  21. So is ps4 still getting H1Z1 or we just totally forgot about that

  22. but is battlegrounds coming to ps4

  23. I think survival games will be around for a while jut as long as they aren't over used

  24. DO NOT BUY DAYZ STANDALONE! worst game ever. And the creator was imprisoned. Hes out, but he aint doing anything anymore. Get arma 2 and the free DayZ mod.

  25. Anyone else played MineZ on the shotbow network?

  26. You should have said something about subnautica

  27. Is Andrew even still a "new guy"?

  28. I don't care what anyone says ark is better the faggy minecraft

  29. Because they keep promising on great ideas none have yet to fully deliver. Nuff said

  30. Yooooo, Flame in the Flood REPRESENT!!!!

  31. i wanna get Battlegrounds but im scared of matchmaking become near impossible waiting for X amount of players to join, once the population dies down.

  32. I was kind of hoping at least a mention of fallout 4 survival mode.

  33. I just want a Left 4 Dead theme 7DTD. Imagine a tank coming every 7 days, special infected and the hordes of zombies. idk sounds like it'd be great but maybe its because I want Left 4 Dead 3 lol

  34. Drinking game, take a shot every time he says survival game

  35. Video is 1/3 about survival games and 2/3 about H1Z1, too bad…

  36. Ugh wish I could run playerunknowns battleground. My computer sucks.

  37. The War Z wasn't a terrible game, the PvP was actually pretty good, but hackers started taking over which killed the game