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What I think of the DXRacer Gaming Desk!


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  1. Is there enough room for a QcK+ mouse pad (16" tall) to fit from the "arm rest" portion on the edge of the desk up to the cable management grommet? Or would it end up overlapping somewhere? Thanks!

  2. thanks for this, just now getting into serious gaming and i liked the look of the dxracer chairs and desks so this video helped alot on the desk side

  3. Yo is that plastic part thats at the front of the desk removible and is it slanted to you a little bit and second of all wide and long is the desk

  4. How does height for taller chairs like need for seat XL series or sentinel dxracer would the table be to short

  5. Should I get this? I Want my PC in my room and this looks like it could fit

  6. Looks cool to me but with 3 monitors I woulds need a bit more room. What kind of mouse & keyboard is that?