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Welcome to Hanwell – FIRST Gameplay Demo (New Open World Horror Game) 2017

Welcome to Hanwell – FIRST Gameplay Demo (New Open World Horror Survival Game) 2017
Welcome to Hanwell on Steam greenlight: http://bit.ly/2lKpyV6

Welcome to Hanwell!

A place full of your worst nightmares. Nightmares that you have learned to just accept as a part of life.

Monsters, known in the game as Anomalies are everywhere, but never arrive without warning from the Hanwell Council of Public Protection (HCPP). One night after a seemingly normal preperation you wake to hear your dictafone screaming with interference. A sign that an Anomaly is nearby. Thus begins a terrifying adventure into the depths of Hanwell.

In Hanwell, you are who you choose to be. An Anomaly hunter collecting trophies for your home. Just an everyday person trying to get by in a world full of horror. Or an explorer searching for clues as to what happened in Hanwell, a once safe haven from the Anomalies. Leading you to the infamous HCPP research center.

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  1. I'm not saying this is the full game but from what I saw I'm not interested. It just looks like another cheap jump scare game but the problem with this is that it's poorly done and every jump scare seen so far was predictable and not really startling let a known scary.

  2. Plot twist, the open world experience is in between the loading screens, actions consist of taking a piss, getting food, taking a smoke break, or whatever the hell u want, it's an open world out there

  3. animations still better than mass defect andromeda

  4. Everything I've seen has been done before, but better. To each their own….

  5. lol…. that wasn't fucking scary that was hilarious xD dem ragdoll physics of some woman on her peroid getting down with her BF on the bed then he throws her off when he realises its blood lol

  6. i fell in love with the song in this video and cant find it anywhere ?

  7. So all the bad luck in one day.

  8. soooo, the generaters…. the prime source of power… is outside of the fortified house? Really?

  9. Do they really need the fucking 808 bassdrum to go with the siren alarms?

  10. Also the guy should be allowed to pull the security door down like story owners to everyday. I would have used my full body weight rather than walk away.

  11. It's faulty logic to have generators outside your house, any passerby on the street could fuck with them.

  12. So just a whole lot of fuck all? Since the PT demo we have just got a string of these shit walking simulators. Boring as fuck

  13. not even scary. a stupid horror on android look more scariest than this.

  14. Nothing to see here boys, just dry land..

  15. the only thing thats my worst nightmare is this lip sync

  16. why is it so dark in this guys apartment?

  17. Not gonna lie when I saw the pic I thought it was rainbow 6

  18. Can i play this if i have high blood pressure

  19. anybody else pissed he didnt look in the mirror?

  20. Hanwell is actually an anagram for Hell naw.

  21. How many fucking games are they gonna make that look exactly identical first the Silent Hill pt, visage, Allison road ect ect wtf

  22. F.E.A.R guy takes time off to vacation in Silent Hill, bad luck dude!

  23. its 2017 If the game looks worst then half life 2 its fail

  24. how many similar games we have

  25. Another piece of shit game..games are getting worse and worse

  26. worst crap ive seen in a while. gj.

  27. They should remake or just make a new project zero game (Fatal Frame in the US) now they were scary

  28. ok…why when we walks it sounds horrible….game sucks already

  29. So it's just a bunch of pre-generated jump scares… yawn

  30. Tbh this does look really interesting. I hope they blend the psychological/paranormal aspects well with the game-play side of things!

  31. The graphic and the other was perfect but can't wait to see full walkthought. I know it just a demo.

  32. this game is so disturbing look like silent hill and the evil within

  33. This one, the hum, Allison road, look all the same to me. Theyre all in a house or apartment and crappy jump scares

  34. I've seen so many "horror game" demos JUST LIKE THIS. It's sad…the repetitive static, the bloody chicken scratch on the walls saying something cheesy like "Im watching", and the "jump scares" oh god the junp scares are hardly anything now. I just wish for once SOMEONE COULD MAKE A GOOD HORROR GAME