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Visage – 17 Minutes of SCARY Gameplay (Horror Game 2017) All Gameplay So Far

Visage – 17 Minutes of SCARY Gameplay (Horror Game 2017) All Gameplay So Far
Learn more about Visage: http://sadsquarestudio.com/pages/visage.html
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  1. This game vs Agony vs Scorn vs outlast II? Who wins?

  2. I want a game like this where instead of supernatural shit it's Michael Myers you're running from.. you can run out of the house to a neighbor he follows you, you get picked up the cops taken to the station or the hospital, he follows you there.. you can pick up weapons and fight back… man that would kick ass.

  3. Rule 1: When you see a red door, no matter how inviting it is meant to be, don't open it.

  4. I don't understand why people would complain about PT influence on current games bcos duuuude, this shit is so good?

  5. Is the ghost always go for a rich people house?

  6. I'm watching this at work. Trying not to scream. lmfao.

  7. its kinda like insidious because of the red door

  8. pc = king of horror and open world rpgs, quality shooters and space games.

  9. who else noticed the big ass shoes?

  10. Does this remind anyone else of Silent Hills P.T.?

  11. Warning: my opinion! I see people are highly sensitive about their games.I love horror, a huge fan but a gory environment, doesn't necessarily promise a good story line or great game play..I am always up for a good horror game-story line (simple) big guns, knives, blood, guts, slow/fast chase and an uncompromising ending, no WTF-huh endings lol and i'll play it (w/lights on).If I offended anyone sorry, its just my opinion.

  12. that shat the scare out of me!…
    …crapped the creep out of me!…


  13. It feel so real
    Try Wearing A Headset With Bass And Full The Volume
    It Will Feel Very Real

  14. Just make a Michael Myers game like this or a Walking Dead one

  15. 1 minute of the video and my first thought was "AWESOME GRAPHICS AND ATMOSPHERE!!"

  16. No mf'n demon dirtying up my house after I cleaned up!!! Throwing shit like the thing pays bills.

  17. i wish i knew when this is coming out on PS4

  18. Please making more noies ghost activity moving rocking-horse, speaker Teddy bear. In closet loud koncking or door trample. Clothes peg falling down in floor. Music toys turn on and off.

  19. I get so hyped about these kind of games…. but playing them? Nah off you trot mate i'm not prepared to shit my knickers.

  20. Creepy gameplay 14:55 reminds me of the nightmare on elms street where Freddie Kruger appears.

  21. wow, such a dense and detailed environments. impressive.

  22. This game looks as if its going to cut my life expectancy in half… I cant wait to play it!!

  23. Who turns corners that quickly? Speaking of which, after playing PT, I was scared to turn corners in real life!

  24. We got the exact fucking dinner plates at home as in this game

  25. Visage, Allison Road, The Works of Mercy… I was disappointed that Silent Hills PT got cancelled, but I'm glad to see that its influence has been so strong.

  26. I can't even fucking play the first outlast. No fucking thank you.

  27. I'm done with watching this I'm so done now, agony and then this for my mind going crazy

  28. Kind of reminds me of layers of fear