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Unboxing! New ASUS ROG G752 gaming laptop with GeForce GTX 1070

It’s a beauty! ASUS’s new G752 gaming laptop boasts the new Intel Kabylake processor, a beautiful 120 Hz panel, and of course is run by GeForce GTX – it’s …


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  1. What's its cost … and can i play gta5 online …by installing it through disk…??plz plz reply

  2. I think Nvdia is revolutionary when it comes to Gaming. Great performance and Quality which has led me to switch from AMD GPU's. it will be an honor if I get the chance of winning a fantastic card, If I ever win a card my future kids and their kids will use it and will be very grateful. I have a 4k tv but my Nvdia 1060 is not powerful enough for high settings. thank you for taking the time to read this.

  3. It looks great and has all of the right specs.  Asus' website shows that there is a configuration available with 4k UHD 3840 x 2160, but when I go to the store tab on their website it does not give options for configuration.  Does anyone know where I could purchase this config?  I would like to use it for photo and video editing.https://www.asus.com/us/Notebooks/ROG-G752VS-OC-Edition-7th-Gen-Intel-Core/specifications/

  4. I've owned about 3 Asus ROG gaming laptops in the past couple years, and never once felt disappointed or regretful about my purchase. They are solid machines, while providing immense gaming power at low temps with super quiet performance.

  5. I would give my left kidney for one of these awesome gaming pcs/laptops just sayin……………

  6. That is one powerful laptop. It's very thick but the power makes up for the thickness.

  7. i7 6700k
    asus z170 pro gaming
    16 gig 3200mhz ram
    but my gpu gt 610
    so which gpu should i buy for game recoding and all stuff can any one recoment ples don recoment 1080&1070 not that much bugget !! or will 1050 ti will give me performance

  8. is this the ASUS laptop: ROG G752VS-BA422T or the Asus ROG G752VS-GC003T

  9. nice machine. great specifications

  10. Look at 1:16 There's a color bleed on the screen. All of the ROG Models have this problem. Do take this into consideration before buying any of the ROG Laptops as ASUS don't consider it to be defective.

  11. Nooooo i have 1 of this in 2016 and i go back him 4 times in 6 month … finally i buy a gamer pc fix … i hate laptop

  12. is there any asus series like g752 with 15.6" monitor????coz if 17" monitor is too heavy ……

  13. This would be a Computer to die for, all my life i hadnt been able to enjoy true gaming because i never had a gaming computer

  14. the problem is.. I dont want to sell my kidney

  15. Hitech Monster gaming laptop wowowowo

  16. I have the 1060 version and overclocked the monitor to 100hz….it is a beast of a laptop!!!!

  17. this is killer laptop… Asus is always the best…

  18. This is an awesome laptop. I could totally take gaming to the next level. I work I could just afford it!!

  19. Weird, no blu-ray. I guess games still don't distribute in blu-ray but really no blu-ray movie watching on this beast in 2017??

  20. Thank you for uploading this i really want this one but i can only find the older models in Canada right now it sucks

  21. Wait did he say 120hz IPS display?

  22. ASUS has really upped their aesthetic game over the last few years.

  23. Im excited to buy this beast at the end of February 🙂

  24. I'm saving up this year for a new pc and my first laptop. I like how much ports this laptop has too, 2499… this will have to wait looks like I'll be saving till 2018-19. I gotta grind now.

  25. Wew lad, what a monstrous laptop!

  26. The cost is 2500$
    I don't have that much money. Hell nooo -_- 🙁

  27. i hope the giveaway was true…. : )

  28. nvidia, whichever videos you show are mine dream for this age….. only dream which i hope can be true is of being winner of gtx 1080….. only channel which i have eagerness to watch and commented the most is nvidea geforce