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UNBOXING MY NEW GAMING PC! (First Person Unboxing)

THIS PC WILL TAKE US INTO SPACE! I wanted to unbox my new gaming desktop from IronsidePC today. This time we are doing it from a first person …


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  1. Hey everyone! Wanted to do something a little different with my unboxing by actually doing it in a first person perspective. Hope you enjoyed the video – DROP A LIKE ON IT SQUAD! <3 ALSO – I was really careful with static as I was unboxing on the carpet. Made sure to double, triple, quadruple check before powering on!

  2. I got my computer from ironside too (Fiend Computer)

  3. All I know is that it is better than my computer for sure.

  4. I wish I could even afford a secondhand Playstation 4 🙁

  5. that intro was actually pretty good

  6. yo prestige in the new zombie dlc trailer for iw it seems that they are finally bringing back RUST from mw2

  7. I feel like I'm watching a live commentary from moosetits

  8. giveaway that machete? 😀 (Dying Light fan lol XD)

  9. This guy has more weapons than a drug lord..

  10. 32gb of ram is def not enough to run roblox my dude??

  11. you would be the best unboxing chanel

  12. "RGB all the things" – Trump 2017

  13. Hey prestige, would you recommend the Ironside grunt for my first gaming pc?

  14. You scared the crap out of me with that gun. I almost thought you would actually do it

  15. Nice build, do some gaming / benchmarks with it.

  16. what kind of discount are we talking about here?

  17. But can it run Crysis…….

    For those unaware, this was in fact a joke…

  18. Kinda overpriced, but you have the money, so why not? You have built them yourself so no big deal.

  19. I got a older alienware pc (2009/2010) windows Vista (swapped my windows 8.1 500gb hdd into it) 8gb ram phenom X2 processor with 1gb r7850 gpu and a 1000 watt Power supply from my friend for 300 bucks and so far I'm playing skyrim with 40 – 60 fps and lots of graphics mods and I am so Impatient to buy the 600 bucks worth of upgrades for it. glad to see your channel gaining popularity every day since I subbed in 2011 papa prestige!

  20. Lmao people are so mad he didnt build THIS particular PC. People seem to forget that not everyone wants to learn how to build one themselves, or have the time to do it. If it means paying a bit more to get a good working properly built PC right out of the box with no hassle, then why not? Personally, I built mine myself, but I can understand why prebuilt PC's sell

  21. Hey Prestige nice video as always but I just NEED to know why does Gordon Ramsay videos pop up in my recommended when I'm on your videos but nobody else's videos? its quite funny, the one that popped up on this was Gordon Ramsay sticking his hand in a blender and making it look like the blender cut his hand open… YouTube is weird

  22. For everybody asking why he didn't build it himself it's because he already built one and he wanted to see what it is like when you don't built it and btw nice video prestige

  23. With your amazing content bro! Your deserve it! Keep it up my man! Always love watching your videos!

  24. Sure, you can be part of the master race by buying a pc but you cannot TRUELY be part of the master race without building a pc yourself


  26. Lmao this boys first instinct was to shoot and stab to open a box…… lol too many fps? Jk bro love ur vids keep up the good work lol

  27. They way he hold the knife in the thumbnail ud think it was a dlc weapon lol