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Ultimate Custom Water cooled gaming Desk PC Mod – Crazy Gaming PC in a desk Liquid cooled PC Inside

Ultimate Custom DIY Water cooled gaming setup Desk PC Mod – Crazy Gaming PC in a desk case Build Liquid cooled PC Inside. This video is about my Ultimate Custom Water cooled gaming setup desk computer case mod. This crazy liquid cooled pc in a desk took around 6 months to build. What do you like about my liquid cooled computer inside of a custom desk?

Computer In A Desk – Custom Desk Build

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Hi, I am an Australian Watercooling and PC Modding Enthusiast. I watercool / liquidcool all of my PC builds and create art before your eyes. I create Simple DIY progress Videos each week for PC Gamers and modders to follow and hopefully you can learn a few DIY tips of your own so you know how to bring your own Gaming PC builds and gaming setup to life.

I live stream every day, playing a variety of games with viewers on youtube and twitch. My main gaming PC is a Custom Watercooled PC desk Build which was my very first Liquidcooled PC mod. I enjoy doing Gameplay with viewers so come tag along!

I am also into Tech and i love to do tech reviews on all of the latest PC related tech products such as Gaming peripherals, Motherboards, graphics cards, and water cooling gear. Reviews are a passion of mine so come and join the fun if you like to see the latest in PC related Tech.

Are you keen to see lots of custom modded PC Builds? well I feature numerous water cooled Gaming PC builds Every Week. Come and see the amazing DIY PC builds that people can create.


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  1. How much did it cost in all?


  3. what sort of money are we looking at the have something like this built for myself thanks

  4. Over kill on the editing tbh.
    nice setup tho

  5. Have it where each reservoir has a different color fluid and this would be a nice flight sim computer.

  6. Man, Andy Samberg has a nice PC…

  7. soooo like where can i buy this xD

  8. it can able to run gta vice city or not

  9. Nice rig dude. Where can we see the build logs? Cheers from Cyprus.

  10. whats the reservoir you're using in this build?

  11. Awesome! Dude….. Currently building my own desk at the minute…love your watercooling, great job!

  12. What was the cost of this beast?

  13. Could you please do a tutorial for something like this at some point? I would LOVE to build a PC like this! This is super awesome!!

  14. No, but seriously. What is your electricity bill!?

  15. YEAH!? WELL! I…I have a laptop. T_T

  16. yo can this thing run doom dude?

  17. Only if I had some lettuces in my pocket

  18. Awsome stuff, would love to see a video of what the control panel and all those buttons on the front of the desk can do :]

  19. I cant even afford tube lol , how much effort you do with this ,
    im not asking the price i know that was to high ,
    im fine for efforts

  20. Possibly the best water block cooling desk setup I've ever seen 10/10 and yet again you've out done yourself with awesome backing music. Keep it up and I wish the best of luck with getting to 10k subs

  21. Holy shit what job do you have if you don't mind me asking

  22. would you ever make more of these and sell them cause im looking to buy?

  23. Custom desk or did you buy it.. if you did buy it can i have a link to the site?

  24. how long did it take to make this desk?

  25. Did you get many of the parts sponsored or did the parts mostly come from money out of your pocket?

  26. how much did this cost? This is incredible.

  27. I'm thinking of doing a custom pc desk myself and i am going to do a no
    man's sky theme (mainly black and red) with 2 different systems in the
    desk. Do you have any tips for what to do for the legs of the desk and
    which areas should i make red and which areas should i make black?

  28. damn all i have is a crappy potato laptop

  29. how much would i cost if u were to make one of these for customers?