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Tutorials… How to Run Old Games on a New Computer (DXWnd)

Ah, so you’ve joined me for my new feature video, huh? Well, you are welcomed! This time, I’ll be helping out. Ever wanted to play old games on new PCs? This may (or may not) solve all of your problems…

P.S. If you’re having any problems, fixes may be in the comments. If not, ask! (Video links show up in my spam for some reason, so if I don’t reply, shout at me and hopefully it will show up…)

Link to DXWnd…

If that version doesn’t work, this one should…

Link to desktop picture (since I made such a fuss over it)…

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  1. Help can be found down here in the comments! And if the problem you're looking for hasn't been asked, ask it! I or maybe even someone else will be happy to help

    If you're having trouble with a game, check the dxwndexports directory (may be v2.0 something on some installs I think), there's like a million games there already set-up by the people who made it (:

    Issues with fixes: 2 games, 1 program functions


    — Sheep (2000) – described in the video itself (fixes frame rate)

    — Wing Commander Propechy (1997) – download my .zip version of the program and make sure all hook options are enabled… A video outlining the fix has been provided here:

    (fixes crashes)


    — Pausing via DxWnd – Return to the main window where you launched the game, press 'File' -> 'Process' -> 'Pause'. As far as I know there is no keyboard shortcut to do this. To resume, press 'Resume'.

    Please note that some games may work thanks to this program, but will not feature in this list, as there were no problems making them work.

  2. not working on starsiege 1999 v1

  3. trying to play Sonic R on this but it runs slow. Any help?

  4. Is it possible to pause a game with this program? I have tried to modified some options but I have failed to get it done properly.

  5. been trying to make command and conquer work but i cant seem to… when i have the preset loaded and click on run the screen flashes, changes resolution, then flashes and reverts back… might be something about the cinematics since thats the first thing that loads in that game

  6. Hi im trying to run Commandos Behind Enemy Lines better with this program but i dont know what to do. The issue im having is that the game is fixed on 20fps but more importantly while that seems to be fine is that when i scroll the mouse around the map in the game it feels like its sluggish/stuttering to the point where it feels nauseating tbh.

    What do i need to toggle in the programs options since there is so many in the modify options to maybe solve this problem ? what is causing it ? because i almost get motion sickness from it.

  7. I'll also pass your link to some of my gaming pals keep up the great tubing mate 🙂

  8. Here is a link to the video working bro I also added a couple of links on my video with a shout out to you cheers.

  9. I did exactly what you did it opens a window showing DXWnd and 3 colored circles then crash's I am trying to run Wing Commander Prophecy so I can screen record it can you help ? if not thanks anyway great video btw