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Tutorials 101 – How to Design a Good Game Tutorial – Extra Credits

The first five minutes can make or break a game. Tutorials can be a crucial part of the game experience, but too often they become obtrusive for experienced players or overwhelming for new players. Prioritize the tutorial design with the rest of your game!
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(Original air date: March 16, 2011)

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  1. Grid had a good way to go about it for a racing sim – here's a couple laps of a race. If you figure out the feel of a driving sim? Good, you can jump right in. Skid and crash your way through it? Here's the rewind mechanic. Still frustrated? Don't worry, there's always a place to practice.

  2. HL2 does a good tutorial – when you get the gravity gun, Alyx literally tells you how it works BUT also conveys character and keeps the world real.

  3. Undertale's tutorial in the Ruins is interesting. It is presented subtly enough that it isn't too in the way when it comes to playing, but is obvious enough in that the characters tell you how to do different things through chat. And let me tell you, some of those things stick with you the rest of the game.

  4. 4:46 best way to do that is to make both the arrow keys and WASD available but make WASD the better choice

    i used to always use the arrow keys, then in both WoW and Spore i realized it's much better to sue WASD, and started doing so, to the point where i'm annoyed by games that don't have WASD controls, haha

  5. Mass Effect 2 had a very exciting tutorial: you felt like you were already on a mission.
    First, your ship gets shot open. then you're waking up, resurrected, and a small army is converging on you. This was my second PC game yet I learned fast and it was fun.

  6. The Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon DLC had the best tutorial EVER

  7. Pokemon Sun and Moon could have really used this i really hate having to play through hours of tutorials for games i have been playing for like 20 years and that don't explain the new mechanics of the game until you're at the end of the tutorial or just not at all.

  8. Did I just watch a tutorial on tutorials?

  9. i am trying to make a game with my friend i am 9 and she's 10 and i just hope that 1 my dad can code and 2 we can make a good tutorial so in general thx this helped me alot

  10. panzer dragoon orta had a great tutorial that was optional yet it taut via showing you not front loading you.

  11. The Croft Manor in the old Tomb Raider games were excellent tutorials.

  12. Half of the fun in Mortal Kombat 3 was accidentally doing a move and then trying to figure out how you did it. A tutorial or menu telling you everything would take away from that fun part of the game. It was almost like a badge of honor that you know the button combo to do a move none of your friends know about.

    and this game was on the Sega Saturn! You know, that console that came out in the 90's. maybe a mistake but it was a fun part that added to the experience.

  13. Minecraft has the world's best tutorial. Kappa

  14. Minecraft, at least for the PC, has no tutorial, except maybe the achievements might come close.

  15. if i ever make a game, the tutorial is going to start with 3 options: skip, learn, and figure it out

    skip is obviously skip, learn is the normal telling you how to do stuff, and figure it out is have a bunch of random stuff in a room that you can interact with to find out what buttons do what, and you can leave the room whenever you want

  16. 4:45 i wish computer games that used wasd just always have wasd and the arrow keys both usable options, i used to only use wasd when arrow keys weren't a choice, then i accidentally clicked e while playing WoW and strafed(i think that's what it's called) and started using wasd for that and also for convenience while attacking, and then on Spore i used wasd for convenience while attacking/befriending creatures

    if you want your audience to use wasd, make wasd and arrow keys both options and make wasd slightly better

  17. i know some one who I would love to show some of the game I like but he can't read he is disabled. it makes me sad sometimes that people who take for granted reading and a formal education that not everyone is able. some text heavy game may even exclude people.

  18. reminds me of Spyro the new beginning

  19. I found the video on how Miyamoto and Nintendo created Super Mario Bros. world 1-1 by Eurogamer very enlightening. It provided an excellent example on how you don't need text or a designated tutorial to teach your player how to play the game.

  20. One of the better ones is the raid on narshe from final fantasy vi. While not really a tutorial but one at the same time, it lets you test the battle system as you want because you have an op suit and the ennemies are weak. It also sets up the story pretty good

  21. I played this grid based RPG called Record of Agarest War Zero. The first HOUR was a series of four or five consecutive tutorial missions, with NO BREAKS IN BETWEEN. You're not allowed to save the game, you're not allowed to change any settings, you can't even open your fucking MENU until it's all over. And in the middle of that are a shitload of drawn out story dialogues with boring, stock, generic characters, a mission that you have to LOSE in order to progress, AND you have to customize your character's class and weapon choices that affect the whole rest of the game. So you don't even have the CHANCE to put the game down and do this shit later, because it won't let you SAVE. I doubt I'll ever give it another chance if that's how it wants to treat me. Fuck you, game.

  22. Still waiting until Pokemon gets skippable tutorials

  23. I always remember the tutorial in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines: It was skipable, but I played it every time, because the game rewarded me for it with a set of lockpicks, some cash and some weapons – but I didn't need to do it and I apreciate having the choice.

  24. Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines-
    That had a great tutorial, let alone, that it gives you benefits if you won't skip it 🙂

    I never skip that tutorial as I replay the game, because it's fun!

  25. FLASH BANG! Through the door! … GO

  26. In my opinion, all/most of paper Mario games do this well, but I've never played them personally

  27. Twilight Princess had an awful tutorial section. So long… so many things that I wouldn't actually use that much in the game…

  28. In the game I want to make my character has to learn with the player. In my game, there are monsters, I need my character and people to learn about these and how to kill them. So s/he has to go to school for 2 days of the game (idk if that's a good tutorial)

  29. Best tutorial? Megaman X. If you want explanation go to Egoraptors sequelitis.

  30. I know that you dont need to show all UI elements all the time, but i would really love if people stop hiding talent trees until you get levels….

  31. Not every game: ARGs have no tut.

  32. Interesting he should mention that tutorials are frequently left till the end of a game – Dark Soul's famously well recieved tutorial level was the last part of the game made – intentionally so. The designers decided that they wouldn't really know the best way to design a tutorial until they could see the final product.