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Transformers The Game – Gameplay PS2 (PS2 Games on PS3)

Transformers The Game – Gameplay PS2 (PS2 Games on PS3)

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Enjoy PS2 games on old FAT PS3 which have PS2 chip built in for backwards compatibility.For recording I used a Live Gamer HD Capture Card
*some games can have graphical issues, lags and other problems…

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  1. the nostalgia is strong with this one… oops, star wars reference!

  2. It's been 9 years and i haven't finished the game yet. I was just wandering around the town with bumblebee back then

  3. This is my childhood right here

  4. I never could beat it cause I was 5

  5. este video no me gusta porque algunas cosas no juega bien el niño/a?

  6. I remember renting it from blockbuster

  7. 11:05 these assholes can casually walk through a neighborhood without being noticed?

  8. This is one of the best games ever!

  9. easy mission also can't do ?

  10. I play in the ps 2 aka PlayStation 2

  11. is there on version?? if so is it free?

  12. Another nostalgic game from PS2 ;-; in 2009 I played this game so much with my brother (Im brazilian,sorry for my english)

  13. This is the first game I ever played

  14. ami tanbien me pasa lo mande a reclar pero me sisen el ps2 esta malo ilomande areclar i sirbio

  15. this is one of my favourite game

  16. team sonic the hedgehog: powerpuff girls

  17. team shadow the hedgehog: Mario link and Pikachu

  18. bad clones of the heroes including the rowdyruff boys motormaster/menasor  hook bonecrusher long haul and scrapper!