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Transformable Gaming Desk – GIGABYTE XTREME GAMING

GIGABYTE does not only build gaming PCs, we are building a gaming Ambiance. This all-in-one PC desk can transform between a normal desk and an awesome gaming desk! It spent us hours to build it, hours with joy. Check out this work log of how this is #XTREMELYdone


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  1. crazy editing but what a sick build omg :O

  2. I am getting a 3200 MHz ddr4 gskill ripjaws 16×1 gb. Will it support gigabyte ga x99 Ultra gaming? Please reply me as soon as possible. Thank you.

  3. wait, who disliked this?!? it's an amazing machine.

  4. Please don't overedit stuff this badly D:

  5. all we need now is xzibit and a screaming person when revealing it.

  6. What music is this?? 😀 (the beginning)

  7. those extreme epilepsy lightings are a bit out of the whole WW1 atmosphere, isn't it? 😀

  8. Crazy skill about all parts..