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Top Upcoming PC Games of 2017

Presenting the most anticipated PC video games coming soon this 2017; these are the most-hyped and promising Microsoft Windows games scheduled for release in the coming months.

Get some of these upcoming PC games by clicking the links below:
For Honor ($59.99) https://goo.gl/A4kfsl
Ghost Recon Wildlands ($59.99) https://goo.gl/LwIj1G
Prey ($29.99) https://goo.gl/vagR9Q
Resident Evil 7: Biohazard ($59.99) https://goo.gl/Jj9njt
South Park: Fractured But Whole ($59.99) https://goo.gl/LuFXJu

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  1. 2017.. and not one single nonviolent videogame.. as it seems.

  2. I don't think you should include Metal Gear Survive in there

  3. halo wars 2 is a runner up?
    nah m8
    thats no. 1 right there

  4. Here we are in 2017 and Andromeda (and countless other mentions) are total garbage. Go figure.

  5. boring boring boring boring and….. boooorinnggg

  6. top 2 games have been borderline failures thus far.

  7. ghost recon wildlands is not multiplayer. do your research

  8. the pre order ad at the end made me click the dislike button

  9. Fractured Butthole LMAO i get it now

  10. Apparently PC was meant to be the best system for gaming and yet none of these upcoming games are exclusives.

  11. u comparing that shit with life is strange? omg..

  12. Wtf is wrong with you? Pre-order? You are part of the gaming community right? Pre-order is a bloody cancer


  14. "Expected release is sometime in 2017." Ya don't say..

  15. where tf is shadow of war? LMFAO

  16. I cant wait to play those horror game

  17. until now, all the games i pre ordered satisfied me, due to the fact i pre order only from dev teams i know make good games, people should start doing that, instead of pre ordering games from quick started dev teams or devs that u never heard before, try to use ur head, not ur curiosity.

  18. injustice 2 ain't coming for pc

  19. The game list sucks from this horror freak fanboy! The best games comming soon are Mount and Blade 2 Bannerlord (your # 27 and Kingdom Come Deliverance (your # 17, other than that props for Detroit Almost Human, Mass Effect Andromeda (not as good as the first 3), Ghost-Warrior-Sniper, Ghost Recon Wildland (with the multiplayer downside) and For Honor. And never, ever pre-order games! Big thumbs down!

  20. Wtf is this for a shitty channel? Ive never seen it before and i dont regret that. Telling to pre order? Fuck off!

  21. Pre-order? Dang, worst choice ever.
    Only did once and because I knew i wasn't gonna be tricked: Witcher 3.

  22. 4:52 When i heard Outlast i was like "Outlast?! I remember the name but what was it aga…OH WAIT! Now i remember it was that scary Game i watched when i was 9 XD "

  23. Sorry but a lot of these games looks like console games. I hate games where the character looks in a different direction than the camera. And more different the very ugly console movement on PC.

  24. T-bone is back baby! YEAH!!!
    Are you so excited 4 watchdogs 2 ?


  26. (Mass Effect: Andromeda) is the best choice for place one.

  27. need for speed 2017? can't find any trailers or footage

  28. hey people, I just got my first gaming laptop. only owned a console for so long. totally out of touch with games and platforms. any recommendations? and if possible guides? should I be downloading steam software? don't give me shit for talking like a complete idiot.

  29. Injustice 2 is console exclusive, unfortunately.

  30. Brace yourselves! Shit year is upon us!

  31. Im getting sick of seeing zombie based games.

  32. motal combat xl is better than takken vii

  33. Blood run on Quake Champions!!!

  34. Mediocre. It would've been perhaps a little better, if not for the big "PRE-ORDER THESE GAMES NOW" at the end.

    Thanks for promoting one of the worst habits in the industry. If you ever run out of a job consider a career in politics.


  36. Screw you and your pre-order ad video. You're part of the problem that's giving companies cash to release half assed projects as full games and 2 months after release sell the rest of the game as a DLC for another 50 bucks.

  37. it's bull shit I watch a ps4 video and I get a fucking Xbox 1 ad. fuck Xbox

  38. 1. Yeah pre-order culture is finally dying, please don't promote it.
    2. As much as I want Cyberpunk2077 to be a thing in 2017, I doubt we will hear anything about it at least until later this year and a possible release in 2018…but it can be delayed until 2019.

  39. Injustice 2 isn't coming to PC, only PS4 and Xbone

  40. What the fuck, what is 600 dislikes for! I don't find anything irrelevant in video except that pre order thing

  41. Yaaaaay can't wait…..not. Shitty ass list. What happened to games where you almost piss yourself because it's so fun and is so expandable. Like arma 3