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Top 5 Simple Ways To Save Money When Building A Gaming PC | Tips for Noobs

Hey! Today I’ll be going over 5 simple ways to save money on a new gaming/ editing PC. Money is not something that we have in excess and so knowing how to …


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  1. i might need subititles for this one ;D

  2. your content is gr8 remember I was ur 8259th subscriber

  3. I would reccomend /r/buildapcsales it has a very active community.

  4. You Deserve so many more subs, just make sure when you hit 1 mil remember Subscriber number 5,678

  5. do you know any good pre built pcs that would be great for league and over watch for around 600?

  6. i have a FX4300 with 12GB DDR3 and a HD7950 3GB. it has aged (and i play watch dogs 2…) So i bought a used GTX 760! its fine! just check to get a working one!

  7. I have looked at alot of builds and modified some stuff is there anything I should change to make it better


  8. is 16gb of ddr3 an I5 6500, an gtx 960 and an 240gb ssd ok for 900€

    parts in my country are a bit pricer than in america and UK

  9. Hey, 8gb of RAM still good for gaming? or should I go for 16 gb?

  10. Stupid PC Master Race idiots. Get a console and it'll upgrade itself. Look at the Xbox 360. The graphics on San Andreas are terrible, but not on Black Ops 2. The same console wouldn't be able to play BO2 that well, so it's updating its hardware most of the time.

    Don't crucify me, I'm joking

  11. do you guys have an used gtx 1050/1050ti/1060? (that I can buy)

  12. http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/ would this be a good build for most games on high-max. and please if anyone knows if i could get this cheaper somehow pls tell me.

  13. I'm getting a 1080 maybe a 1070 idk yet, what processor should I get just for gaming only

  14. can you take a cpu out of a laptop and put it in a pc?

  15. Well I want Gaming and video editing. I guess the i7 6700 will do along with a 1070. I have games that require Heavy graphics and require a good CPU to run.

  16. Where do you get your animations like the one at 6:36?

  17. Thanks a lot man! I just started my channel I am saving to build my new PC. Thanks for the Tips.

  18. How much would a PC that runs battlefield 1 cost?

  19. I got a PC with i5 6400 and a gtx 960 is that a good gaming pc?

  20. What's a good graphics card for league, csgo, overwatxh?

  21. Im doing a budget build and i want your opinion!!please help!!
    Amd a8-6300 or intel pentium g4400

  22. Is an intel i7 6700 processor, a Asus Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard and a EVGA GeForce GTX 1070 good for gaming?

  23. Wanna save money? Don't get a 1tb ssd and go x99 unless you really need it . Great power comes with great price tag. ( SO WORTH ALMOST 2K THO IMO)

  24. Is this a good build?I want to get get like 144 + fps on cs go high settings and record. And I also want to be able to edit videos. I would also like to play gta 5 60 fps medium-high. How much slower would editing be if I changed the i5 to an i3 6100. and also maybe play games like war thunder etc

  25. nice vids surprised youv got so little subs

  26. That dig at sky xD at least they are better than talk talk xD

  27. Nobody has inspired me ever. Today it just hit me, you honestly inspire so much! like i cant believe it. Thank You So Much! Thank You!!!

  28. Jo, is this a great pc for editing and gaming ?


    i already got some hdd and a case

  29. the reason you need the best pc to play csgo on low is fps

  30. Is this an alright build?

    I5 6600k cpu
    gigabyte gaming k3 z170 motherboard
    corsair vengeance lpx ram 2x8gb
    cooler master evo 212 cpu cooler
    msi gtx 1070 gaming x
    western digital 2tb black hdd
    any atx case
    silver rated 650w psu)

  31. Very helpful. Thanks man, love the quality of this video <3