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Top 5 PC Games – GameSpot Game of the Year 2016

Personal computers are all about delivering great experiences with the highest fidelity possible and this year there was no shortage on great games to play. These are GameSpot’s top games on the PC for 2016.

Check out more of GameSpot’s Game of the Year: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpg6WLs8kxGOUJVwo45ewDftZMxXnNLCd

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  1. Can you do more roblox then other games i dont really like other games u play (no offence)

  2. whats the background songs? during battlefield 1 section, someone please

  3. Pc overwatch PS4 overwatch xb1 overwatch OK ? I mean it a good game but damn

  4. i had a question why a lot of people love overwatch that game-_-

  5. That monotone voice, hard to hear over the heavily verbose script. Meh.

  6. Overwatch wasn't the best fucken game of the year, #paidbyblizzard

  7. battlefield 1 … OK but where is Dark Souls III ?

  8. overwatch should be placed on multiplayer section only

  9. Not a very good year for PC gaming, at least for me.

  10. Да, Yes, Ja, Si, Taip, Oui. DOOM VICTORY ДУМ ПОБЕДА!

  11. swap
    battlefield for stardew valley and i agree

  12. Titalfall 2 is on both PS4 and X1, yet its not on PC, while both DOOM and Bf1 are on PS4 and X1. What an inconsistency

  13. This guy sounds like Cr1tikals gay cousin.

  14. Really? No Tyranny, no Grim Dawn, no Tomb Raider?

  15. wher the fuck is total war warhammer lol

  16. Paradigm shift? For what, Overwatch? It is fucking TF2 with different characters and different maps. It didn't "shift" anything.

  17. u guys really cant aim 😀 (trolling, ignore)

  18. lul " the People getting but hurt at OW. You Mad bro ?

  19. Three out of five where “first person shooters”.  Do we suspect the reviewers just like first person shooters best?

  20. what about dishonored? or strategy games? what the hell?

  21. total war warhammer best pc exclusive!!

  22. Sooo much overwatch hate..yet they released their new christmas update today….I'm having fun lol The new brawl kinda sucks tho tbh