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Top 5 PC Games Coming in April 2017

In this video I go over my Top 5 Upcoming PC Games in April 2017. What do you guys think about these games? Are there any games that you are excited for …


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  1. A lot of horror games comes down to the sound. If they use bad music and effects than it will suck.

  2. Yooka Laylee looks great, can't wait.

  3. Dear Jontron Fans.
    I get that you are Americans and that You do not understand, nor Care, about UK Law.    That is fine, just listen and understand this time, Please.

    The UK has very different "Freedom of Speech" laws to America, as Our Laws  incorporate Rules that Prevent "Hate Speech", now, these "Hate Speech" Laws are Extremely Strict, and sadly, they have to be, Leaving out all kinds of Twaddle about Social Justice,  it is a sad fact that the UK is, at times, An extremely Unpleasant Country for those of Us who don't fit in, be it due to Disabilities, Mental Disorders, Colours, whatever, and the only way to protect us from having our Lives made all but Unliveable , was to add in the Hate Speech laws and enforce them to the Hilt!  unfortunately the Laws are so Strict that even being Complicit with Hate Speech can Potentially carry Severe Legal Repercussions! 

    As a result, no UK Company is going to Risk keeping anyone who could even Remotely be Potentially Guilty of Hypothetical "Hate Speech" on their Books!  JonTron made some Severely Grey comments in a recent Podcast, and some of the comments, In My Personal Interpretation of them, could very Probably be classed as "Racial Hate" here in the UK, so I can see why Playtonic might have felt like they Had to let Him Go.

    I also don't see why you are so Pissed off about it as 1. you would not have Recognised His voice anyway as the Characters all speak in "Grunts", and you really cannot tell Grant Kirkhope from David Doak from the Grunts! and 2, JonTron Himself has openly stated that He understands why He was removed from the Game and wishes the Team luck all the Same, basically He is a lot more Understanding than a lot of His fans seem to Be!.

    Basically.  Learn about UK law. Then Comment.

  4. doom sequel set to be open world!

  5. What is the name from the thumbnail?

  6. Yooka Laylee is fucking cancer, how can you even support such a game? Shoot yourself, moron.

  7. Is it just me or does Yukas' movement resemble crash bandicoot almost perfectly?

  8. I need to stop buying games a d play what I have in my back log, but damn deals are to hard to say no

  9. I have to admit, that Jumpscare with the Outrider like creature is really powerful.

  10. I won't be buying Yooka Laylee after the JonTron controversy, and the sad thing is I was thinking about giving it a chance before all of this. Sometimes platformers are a good change of pace from the triple A games and this one was something I was looking forward to.

  11. Persona 5, Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne and Kingdom Hearts – all of them!!! Ok… I'm really done now 😉

  12. Is it just me or does the thumbnail look like undyne with a sword

  13. One last thing, as a predominent PC gamer please put more JRPGs PC. Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2 check. How bout Dragon Quest XI, Final Fantasy X-X2 check, how about Final Fantasy XII Remastered and because you're putting Ni No Kuni 2 on PC, the first Ni No Kuni would be great to… oh and Final Fantasy XV — anyway people get the msg and there's a ton more.

  14. Great video Mush! As an old school gamer I'm really looking forward to Yooka-Laylee and have already pre-ordered my copy of Shiness The Lightning Kingdom. Reminds me of old school PS2 Jrgps which is a good thing 🙂

  15. Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 name sounds like a mobile rip-off

  16. Can't wait to play Dawn Of War 3, still playing the original. Sniper ghost warrior 3 beta was interesting but I might wait for a sale.

  17. Thank god you didn't include the de-ballsacking part from the outlast demo

  18. yooka laylee, I knew abt and was excited. thanks much for shiness. gonna check that out

  19. the outlast 2 beta wasn't scary…

  20. My ass clinched from that jumpscare, didnt expect that from a video regarding the top 5 games this april

  21. I'm only looking forward to Outlast 2

  22. I couldnt care less for any of these games…

  23. April 11 is a big day for gaming, Yooka Laylee and ryzen 5