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Top 5 Must Play Upcoming Pokemon Fan Games

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How’s it going everyone im bringing you another video today!So today we are bringing you guys a TTop 5 Must Play Upcoming Pokemon Fan Games! I hope you enjoy it!

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►Top 10s: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7_T1HnLWEVnr531SUN6o5L6g5O2B5diE
►Top 5s: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL7_T1HnLWEVnnWeTfwKg0-jvaxtAkMrsd
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“Top 5 Must Play Upcoming Pokemon Fan Games”


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  1. i really hop nintendo and game freak dont be pussies and shut down pokemon azurite

  2. Sorry Ruffled,do I need to download something to play a Pokemon Fan game? After have downloaded the game itself,of course

  3. Great to shine the spotlight on some of these games — it takes real passion, skill, and creativity to bring these projects to life. Hopefully, Nintendo will learn to embrace this side of the fandom soon

  4. can someone tell me some great storyline pokemon Roms for ds ?….. thank you.

  5. I was very hyped about azurite. Then I saw the fakemon. Hate them.

  6. I always like your videos cuz 1. you have a nice telling voice (some poke tubers have annoying voices) and 2. good info
    keep up the good work

  7. elite battle system is a plugin for pokemon essentials

  8. why even show pokemon litharreon if it is a 2015 dead project? on the reliccastle site you linked to you cant even download the demo cause the mega download link for it is dead lol

    p.s. too bad that almost all of these 5 are already dead games lol outside of number 1 , number one is really a nice looking game

  9. hey rowlet can u make a video of best graphics fan games

  10. Like pokemon lithrreon have half the video

  11. if there was a fan game where there were Pokemon fusions, i'd love to play it.

  12. More rivals always better

    Uummm so XY rivals kinda happened

  13. The elite battle system is just a plugin for Pokémon essentials

  14. Well if u want Pokemon azurite u might as well ur the date on a calendar or something like the exact time and everything cause Nintendo just loooooooves to shutdown amazing fangames

  15. Huh hidden grottos were in BW 2

  16. Ain't this bitch ever heard of sage? Spouting shit about good looking starters and doesn't even talk about the best ones.

  17. I completely agree with this list! I was kinda surprised not to see Phoenix Rising on this list though. Very hyped for Celestite and Azurite!

  18. For real, these game creators have major guts to dedicate their time to such huge projects despite knowing how many impressive fan games Nintendo has ripped apart

  19. Can you make the same thing for rom hacks?

  20. Still working on my Rom Hack. My first beta will be Kanto with new Pokémon. I'm planning on making one of the gyms not type themed but Fusion Themed. I'm going to have fusion Pokémon that you won't be able to obtain cause they are be available in a "different region" where Pokémon Fusion is a thing. Not going to have a lot of fusions. Maybe I'll have 9 with the Kanto starters as the base. Other then that. Still going to take a while, especially by myself, as a 15 year old. My goal is to see one video about it.

  21. Sage has better starters that Celestite. Just wish they'd finish it.

  22. I still have 4 games to finish.. but one more could be ok..
    ps. number 5 would be so awesome my rival would have the same name as my sister 😀

  23. no phoenix rising? expecting it to be first or second

  24. where is pokèmon Xenoverse?!

  25. shush no one talk about pokémon azurite ! if nintendo notices it, they will disband the project !

  26. wow azurite looks amazing !!! :O

  27. Pokemon Azurite looks amazing tho I believe it will be finished around 2020
    if so cant wait 😀