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Top 25 NEW PC Exclusive Games of 2016

Gaming has never been better on the PC than it is this year. These 25 PC-exclusive games include strategy, FPS, adventure and more.
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25- P.A.M.E.L.A.
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2016

24- World of Warcraft: Legion
Platform: PC OS X
Release Date: 30 August 2016

23- Kathy Rain
Platform: PC
Release Date: 5 May 2016

22- Dreadnought
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2016

21- Overfall
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2016

20- Black Desert Online
Platform: PC
Release Date: 3 March 2016

19- Battlefleet Gothic: Armada
Platform: PC
Release Date: 21 April 2016

18- Descent: Underground
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2016

17- Planet Coaster
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2016

16- Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Platform: PC PS4 Xbox ONE
Release Date: Q2/Q4 2016

15- Factorio
Platform: PC OS X
Release Date: TBA 2016

14- Grim Dawn
Platform: PC
Release Date: 25 February 2016

13- Hearts of Iron IV
Platform: PC
Release Date: 6 June 2016

12- Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2016

11- Divinity: Original Sin 2
Platform: PC
Release Date: December 2016

10- LawBreakers
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2016

9- Ashes of the Singularity
Platform: PC
Release Date: 31 March 2016

8- Torment: Tides of Numenera
Platform: PC OS X
Release Date: TBA 2016

7- Stardew Valley
Platform: PC
Release Date: 26 February 2016

6- Civilization VI
Platform: PC OS X Linux
Release Date: 21 October 2016

5- Tyranny
Platform: PC
Release Date: TBA 2016

4- Stellaris
Platform: PC
Release Date: 9 May 2016

3- Total War: Warhammer
Platform: PC OS X Linux
Release Date: 24 May 2016

2- Offworld Trading Company
Platform: PC
Release Date: 28 April 2016

1- XCOM 2
Platform: PC OS X Linux
Release Date: 5 February 2016


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  1. so many pc users bashing on consoles just chill lower your ego ok like dam

  2. the fact that this is a top 25 just shows the fact that PC has an enormous amount of exclusives

  3. PS4 (Exclusive) > Xbox One (Exclusive) > PC (Exclusive)

  4. This concludes the fact that all PC exclusives are garbage

  5. Lol Kingdom Come lowkey looks like first person Witcher 3

  6. haha !! pc exclusive is bad ! what about god of war or the last of us in ps4
    consoles are better

  7. Can we stfu about the console people in the comments and give your opinions on the games??

  8. You guys feel so threatened by console. >:)

  9. Anyone know what they used for the picture for the video?

  10. as usual the thumbnail isnt in this so i wont know the game it is

  11. To all the people who are whining about poor ppl:


  12. The majority of these games remain unreleased as of March 2017, lol. The greater majority.


  14. Yesss xcom 2 is number 1 I love that game I played 50 hours so far and beat the game ones 🙂

  15. Yes, consoles are better you idiots. They get a few exclusives and now their top dog. Seems the same stands when a virgin finally has sex for the first time and then fucks 2-3 people. Yet their are still millions who've fucked 20+ more but wait there's more! PC has 100s of exclusives rather they suck or not we still have more but don't boast about them. See us PC gamers are far more superior in ever way, form, shape and fashion. Why argue when we've ready won ? We don't care what exclusives you've got this year that will die in the same year anyway. Destiny is all I'm gonna say for that point to be proven.

  16. Pathetic comments. PC master race makes me cringe. I play both have a beast of a PC and my PS4 beside it. If I'm lazy I throw on the PlayStation and if I have more time I throw on the PC and get lost in it.

  17. LOOK AT ALL THE poor PC user that cant afford a PC and Console … THEY watch us rich
    kids play both consoles and pc games and has to talk trash becouse they to
    poor to buy a a Xbox and Playstation .."""but spiffdaddy that to much
    just for a few exclusives $$$$..CRYXCRYCRY its ok tossed THEM a joycon
    controler from the switch to keep them busy …maybeeeeee you will be
    able to watch us play the games you cannot afford here on youtube 🙂 and
    eat ya happy meal… PC Kills""" Xbox rules """""Playstation Rocks"""". best of all
    three.. OOO so sad to have only a PC Poor people and they happy meal fights

  18. So Black Desert Online isn't on Steam, but you do have to buy it right? So is it worth what the cost is (I'm willing to pay to play it, I just want to know if the gameplay mechanics are worthy, and if there is grind in the game like I like it)

    Also, Dreadnought is a beauty of a game to play, I still have 2 invites left, so let me know if you are planning to play it for a while after its release and want to get in on the beta 🙂

  19. Black Desert, only game that made my nuts twitch. Everything else almost put me to sleep.

  20. "I am the Great Mighty Poo and i'm going to throw my shit at you"

    -Undertale fans

  21. I'm gonna wait for a 2017 version of this. xD

  22. For all you people who say the gtx 1080 is pointless. Well i run a 4k monitor and at 60fps most games still need more. 4k is so beautiful and useful that i could never see going back to a lowly 1080p/60. So GPU makers need to step up their game!!..

  23. I have a PC and love it but some of you guys are assholes