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TOP 25 BEST UPCOMING PS4, XBOX ONE & PC GAMES OF 2016, 2017 & 2018!

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This is a brief outlook on the many upcoming games that will be more than likely releasing in the next couple years (2016, 2017, & 2018 to be exact). These are just my choices on the top upcoming video games, most of these choices are based on gameplay and story which I support with all the info, details, rumors, and leaks that have come out. Let me know in the comments what titles you’re looking forward to the most!

★ Top 25 ★

1 Cyberpunk 2077
2 Elder Scrolls 6
3 Red Dead Redemption 2
4 The Last of Us 2
5 Left For Dead 3
6 The Walking Dead Season 3
7 No Mans Sky
8 Uncharted 4
9 Gears of War 4
10 Dishonored 2
11 Mafia 3
12 The Last Guardian
13 Borderlands 3
14 Mirrors Edge Catalyst
15 Mount & Blade 2 Bannerlord
16 Mass Effect 4 Andromeda
17 NBA 2K17
18 Horizon Zero Dawn
19 Darksiders 3
20 Scalebound
21 Titanfall 2
22 Watch Dogs 2
23 Homefront: The Revolution
24 Kingdom Come Deliverance
25 Wild

★Honorable Mentions★
Final Fantasy XV
Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
Battlefield 1
Kingdom Hearts 3
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
MLB The Show 2017
Deus Ex Mankind Divided
For Honor
Sniper Ghost Warrior 3
Assassins Creed Empire
Shenmue 3

★Announced After (E3)★
Spiderman PS4 2016
God of War Reboot
State of Decay 2
Days Gone
Prey Reboot
Death Stranding
Injustice Gods Among Us 2
Tekken 7


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  1. Elder Scrolls 6 is not planed to be out any time soon they are working on a new IP, currently Elder Scrolls online is still being worked on + the update to Elder Scrolls 5 was the big thing they did so far. I am hoping for a new RPG IP that is not set in fallout or Elder Scrolls universe, it would be nice to have a new open world IP.

  2. watch dogs 2 wroung character mate its all different chsracters now

  3. that lay on the front is really sexy and hot

  4. you literally sound dead at the start of the video LOL

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  8. The Last Guardian has more than 10 years of development…

    …less than HL3 though…

  9. i will dislike just for the clickbait

  10. Guess we ain't never good to know though

  11. zelda reminded the whole industry about evolving gameplay games should be games not hd snoozefests. it saddens me as a gamer ppl bashing zelda and want to just buy the same crap that been coming out for years. I'm glad nintendo gave the industry a big slap in the head. it needed it

  12. i'm not hating on Fallout 4 but whats up with the background music

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    how dare you !

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  17. the music background is fallout 4

  18. The way you pronounce "Andromeda". lol

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  20. Well watch dogs 2 was out in 2016 and homefront tooo so your late dumb