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Top 20 PC Games – 2014

Top PC Games Of 2014 ! The Best Game For the PC in 2014 in this Top List! Best Gaming PC 2014 will show you all power!

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In this video we will show you the best games for PC of 2014. All Games in this video is very nice games for play!

What is your favorite games in 2014 for PC? Do you agree with the best collection list in the web? Provide your answer in comments below!
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– TitanFall
– Far Cry 4
– Wolfenstein: The New Order
– Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor
– COD: Advanced Warfare
– The Crew
& More Games

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  1. my favourite game of 2014 is Far Cry 4 as the environment is so beautiful

  2. From this list, I prefer: Alien Isolation (the best of all in my opinion) and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishment.

  3. يا جمعا لحب العاب الفيديو يشترك في قناتي و رح اردلو الاشتراك

  4. My favourite game was assassins creed but call of duty advance warfare

  5. Advanced warfare shouldn't be in here

  6. Ok in the video it is asked which is my favourite video game so that's Far cry 4. According to me this game is the best one of 2014 and the best of far cry series

  7. BRAND NEW! AWESOME Top 20 PC Games – 2016: https://youtu.be/fF22lUYo4zw Check out and THUMBS UP! PLEASE SHARE!

  8. Amazing video for kids. !! I will sub your, please sub me back !!


  10. I think dark soul 2 need to on the list

  11. far cry 4 is my favorite game of this year

  12. How you make that intro i like it ?

  13. My favourite game of 2014 is Far Cry 4

  14. Why with shit music, and no game sounds?

  15. Can i use this video for my Site ?
    Respond quekly PLEASE !!!

  16. I was like – " Don't you dare say far cry 4"

  17. My favourite game of this year is a far cry 4 what a lovely games

  18. Here is what i learned in life:
    If you can play Unity you can play all games in 2014 and 2015, maybe some in 2016
    (i mean for lower pc)

  19. No favorites… Most time spent in 2014=
    Stick of Truth, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, Shadows of Mordor, Far Cry 4, The New Order,(Loved the reboot).

  20. I think Shadows of Mordor blew Far Cry 4 out of the water as best game of 2014. Far Cry 4 didn't have much in way of a story or character development, I think Far Cry 3 blew Far Cry 4 out of the water.

  21. Dude, seriously, GOTY 2014 is at 7th, & FC 4, which probably isn't even as good as Black Flag, is at #1, like wtf????????????????????

  22. The overused and too positive music that is really inappropriate for this video. The annotations that orders you to subscribe and leave a like every 5 second. How the fuck did COD get in here?!

  23. my favorite is assassins creed unity or shadow of mordor