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Top 20 PC Games – 2013

Top 20 PC Games of 2013 ! The best game for the PC in 2013 in this Top List!
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The best games of 2013 is…. In this video we will show you the best games for PC of 2013. Do you play this games? Do you think that your favorite games are the best? Send your answer in comment below!
This top list in video based on numerous polls and data from many websites.Hope you will like this video! If you realy like it don’t forget subscribe and share with your friend!

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– Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag: http://goo.gl/ppWfk9
– Call of Duty: Ghosts: http://goo.gl/jUc3rE
– BioShock Infinite: http://goo.gl/knG8ol
– Battlefield 4: http://goo.gl/yWv71i
– Metro: Last Light: http://goo.gl/dtQp0f

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  1. When you have a GTX 1050 ti but has Athlon for the CPU.
    Feels bad man -_-

  2. THUMBS UP IF U R WATCHING this in 2017

  3. anyone sub my channel i will sub you back

  4. Bioshock infinite is my best game of 2013 year and all time

  5. u mother fucker these are not top these are all games of 2013 u ass hole peice of shit

  6. AC 4 is the best. amazing story and the end is so emotional

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  8. Клевое видео! Нам понравилось! Заходите в гости! Всем хорошего настроения))

  9. Good for kids !! Sub me i will sub your back !!

  10. i am here cuz all games of 2016 are shit

  11. Crysis is da best why is it on 10. ??

  12. could you reccommend any pc game for me for
    4 gb ram
    3.1 ghz pentium g3240
    amd r7 250 1gb GDDR5
    please soon

  13. hey your intro is cool which software used

  14. who say these are tops games,all games is booring

  15. I am 100% sure that GTA V was made in 2013 and you haven't even put it at the list, how dare you, you psycho! Gta V had to be number 1, fuck off mate, i hate psychos. xD

  16. Awesome Bro. Now I have List 😀

  17. where is batman arkham origings

  18. Not all ukrainian like Metro :))

  19. where the fucking GTA V is top 1 in 2013

  20. You ain't going no where with that 25 second intro.

  21. Russians should play ONLY single-player games !!

  22. fifa 14 has a great graphics

  23. Ugh final fantasy is sooooo overrated

  24. U know it must have been a good year if tomb raider, star craft and saints row are the last three…

  25. i like the way u make the videos