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Top 20 NEW Upcoming OPEN WORLD GAMES of 2017 & 2018 (PS4 XBOX ONE PC)

Top 15 NEW Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games of 2017 & 2018 | Most Anticipated Open World Games of 2017

00:00 ClawHunter

01:55 Lost Region

04:04 Vestige of the Past

05:55 Middle-earth Shadow of War

07:46 Dark and Light

09:02 Edge of Eternity

10:25 Scum

11:45 theHunter Call of the Wild

12:51 GreedFall

13:40 Identity

16:25 Die Young

17:40 Freeman: Star Edge

19:39 Spider-Man

20:55 Days Gone

22:01 Red Dead Redemption 2

22:26 Star Citizen

23:34 Ashes of Creation

24:30 Hunting Simulator

25:50 Sea of Thieves

26:27 Escape form Tarkov

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  1. And at least there is a PC exclusive there (Star Citizen) that PS and Xbox fan boys are going to bite their nails off, its gonna be fun to see their rage building up.

  2. lets just hope, and i mean HOPE, that they stop releasing umpolished games cuz of budget and moving foward the release date, cuz that is becoming a common thing, if u don't have enough budget, think what u can do inside those lines, and don't make promisses u can't keep (yes that goes to No Man Sky's, and a little to the animation crew of Mass Effect Andromeda)..

    Give us some good and polished games, and not the garb we have been getting lately.

  3. 90% of all games have poor graphics…

  4. Did I see right? Only ONE 1st person game? It's about time games devs gave the option in all games to play the 1st or 3rd party etc.

  5. Why does Spider-Man only get a shitty PS4 release?? PC is so much better gameplay!

  6. Inspired by uncharted? It's fucking ARK 2

  7. I just want a game like Mercenaries again where I can watch the world burn

  8. we all waiting for a
    GTA 6,

    the rest is garbage.

  9. Clawhunter looks like shit. Its animations are on freaking Turok one levels and the graphics are horrible

  10. what is this witcher 3 rip off?! 13:21

  11. People that are saying all the games suck or you'll only get like one of these games.. Shadow of war is going to be sick. If u havent seen shadow of mordor gameplay then you should.. The game takes place between lord of the rings and the hobbit and shadow of mordor is a GREAT game and everyone is hyped for shadow of war
    Dont understand why it isnt the most talked about or nearly most talked about in these comments

  12. Great music on the second game, damn!

  13. Patient balance each counselor kick net

  14. Openworld is nice but i´m looking for new game with a lovley story!

  15. So since everyone kept playing DayZ, someone actually ended up making a real running simulator called Die young.

  16. Escape From Tarkov is sooo cooooool!

  17. the first one looks like ark survival evolved

  18. First game is historicaly, biologicaly inaccurate. Stupid dinosaurs had feathers.

  19. please no background music, so we can listen to the games souns >:-[

  20. Wow! that first game is gonna SUUUUUCK! How do i know that? Because it promises as much as No mans sky.Its gonna be underdeveloped, overhyped and going to perform ALOT worse then what dayz did when that came out.

  21. 1:00 You mean it follows in the footsteps of ARK, ARK, ARK, And such as the ARK?

  22. uhh majority of these are complete shit

  23. so basicallly were getting ARK and DayZ again…..

  24. Why does it look like the vast majority of those games will never see a real release? I mean besides the obvious ones like Spiderman, Red Dead, and maybe even Star Citizen :p

  25. sea of thieves is fun ^_^ and very time consuming too lol

  26. They should've just went full retard with the ingame descriptions in the trailers of ClawHunter and written the exact opposites like: Friendly Tribesman! almost gets shot to death by arrow or Long ass distance combat! hits another in the nut with head bud Handy rope! Makes a gallow and hangs himself. I mean come on!? Isn't it freaking obvious man? You don't need to belittle the little people's intelligences, that's just rude. You know we can see what's going on on the screen, so can you also acknowledged the fact that the general gamer have a functioning set of eyes and enough cognitive faculties to grasp the concepts and mechanisms of the game? Can you!?

    Sorry… Needed to vent my thoughts somewhere.

  27. The Witcher 3 ruined open world games for me. No other game can compare now!! 🙁

  28. 3:07LOL  sprays random guyjust walks around car casually