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Top 20 New Upcoming Android Games of 2017

The Best & Most Anticipated Upcoming Games of Late 2016/2017, 20 insane Android and iOS games and if you enjoy the video, make sure to give a like, it’s helpful and for more Android awesomeness, hit that Subscribe button!
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#20- Duelyst

#19- Runescape Idle Adventures

#18- Legend of the Skyfish

#17- Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect

#16- Sheltered

#15- Attack on Titans

#14- Street Fighter Puzzle Spirits

#13- Armello

#12- Batman: Telltale Series

#11- Sdorica Sunset

#10- Durango

#9- The Elder Scrolls Legends

#8- Torchlight Mobile

#7- The Walking Dead: Season 3

#6- The Witness

#5- Submerged

#4- Super Mario Run

#3- Dofus Touch

#2- Shadowgun Legends

#1- Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas

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  1. I am really excited for galaxy on fire 3 and gangstar new orleans

  2. when does duelyst come out for mobile?

  3. Bro. .can u plz say me..when the dream league soccer 17 was coming??

  4. Hey Can You Tell Me Any Cricket Game Can Came In 2017 For Android??

  5. RIP 4 if you were wearing earbuds/headphones

  6. submerged cancelled for android 🙁

  7. Durango definitely. but I bet my device can't handle that much graphics. I also bet that it won't look THAT good in gameplay mode anyway. lol

  8. will armello release the game in ios/android cuz i've check it on google i have searched it but i dint even got a single result about the release date / news .

  9. they should make street fighter online

  10. what? mmorpg kof??? wasnt it was a fighting game the fuck?

  11. I Will Waiting for Durango ? That the Best Game ever was i played on Android.. I try on Beta Test and more fun, more Love ? Hope they will released fast..

  12. I can play, for example, the legend of zelda the wind waker with an s.d.820 at full speed. I used to play the same title on a cherry trail z8500 windows tablet and it used to reach similar frame rates but a bit below. The same tablet was capable of running skyrim at 40-50 fps on the lowest settings and 800×600 resolution so I actually think it wouldn't be too crazy playing this game and similar ones on android. I would really enjoy playing it on my phone.

  13. are you sure that armello and duelyst is coming on android/ios

  14. I really want to play "the witness" A LOT

  15. Dude that attack on Titan game is already out and been taken down so it ain't gonna come out

  16. I wanna play more of chaos rings ;-;

  17. TakeDown: Override is also a good game

  18. any news about stronghold kingdoms android version ?

  19. Does someone knows when Super Mario Run comes out?

  20. Friend can you tell me how did you tag your video your video is on #1 rank
    BTW nice video

  21. #13 -Armello… When is this coming to Android???

  22. Tobi's Adventure has been released for Android. Great vintage platform game

  23. plis upload this upcoming 2018 pc game

  24. the second is better than the first

  25. where is modern combat versusu

  26. Are Farming simulator 17 coming??

  27. is there any mobile game that isnt clash of clans clone,card game or a shity 3D game with a graphics of ps1