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Top 15 Zombie Games of 2017

Zombies have always been a fun to kill and 2017 is giving players plenty of new ways to do so. Surviving against hordes of the undead has never looked quite …


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  1. Really? Metal Gear Survive? It's basically a fucking mod for MGS5.

  2. im actually looking forward to days gone and maybe on the side dying light 2 oh and i'm not sure if dead island 2 is even a thing anymore.

  3. state of decay 2 should be number 1. The first one was the best game i ever played

  4. I thought that dying light the following was dying light 2

  5. How is dying light 2 not number 1 (even if it isn't confirmed).

  6. We've been here before, let's wait and see how many actually make it to release

  7. Lmfao, If you think that Dead Island 2 is coming than you better think again…

  8. i cant wait for dying light two when my dad told me that it had been confirmed that its being worked on i actually for real screamed and got on my kitchen floor crying xD the first one i have beat time and time again and love it so dying light two is my biggest game im awaiting on right now <3 i hope they make it brilliant just like the first

  9. Daymare 1998 has been cancelled from Kickstarter…I know, I tried supporting it 🙁

  10. Metal Gear Survive? In a top 10 list? NO NO NO

  11. Let's Think about dying light2 first of all in the following there was a choice I don't know how it would work because you set of a NUCLEAR​ BOMB or became the night Hunter they have to think really hard to make this happen it still might be in really early development but say it could be a disaster or be one of those games we will remember.

  12. Now all I have to do is go out and buy a 300 dollar pc because mine is shit. What? Obviously there's only 2 games on this list that's coming out on consoles…. you know because fuck putting the best games on consoles….


  14. God what a big selection. Great video. Looking forward to alot of the games you featured. Thanks Cheers

  15. Dead Island 2?
    Who would really trust that to be a game worth playing?
    I mean, who wouldn't rather wait for Dying Light 2? Or even play Dying Light 1 one more time?

  16. inb4 microsoft cancels state of decay 2 LOLOLOLOLOL ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

  17. This list is fucking terrible….

  18. The real question is when the fuck is dayz coming out on xbox

  19. Metal Gear Survive? In a top 10 list? What are you smoking?

  20. Dying light is one of the best, if not the best zombie game there is

  21. Wait zombie estate 2 came out a LONG time ago (at least on XBLIG)

  22. I hope re2 remake will be like the old games not third person like 4 and onwards

  23. It's adorable that you guys think RE2 remake will release this year.

  24. For state of decay, can I play the game without ever building settlements? Can I be a lone wolf?

  25. yay, more zombie games, that should fill the complete void of this genre…..

  26. This list is stupid as fuck, they either aren't even zombies or aren't even coming out in 2017

  27. "They're not zombies, but close enough" so they shouldn't be in the list then…dumb as fuck

  28. cant wait to see more on Daymare 1998 looks pretty good fun fact for those that didn't know the devs that are making that game, Invader studios or something where actually working a resi 2 remake till capcom decided to do it so they reused those assets and thus daymare was born

  29. Fuck Metal Gear Survive and fuck Konami.

  30. No mention for Killing Floor 2?!

  31. #1 is basically one big corporation's lofty dream away.