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Top 15 Recurring Bosses In Video Games

Bosses throughout the history of games have varied greatly. Some are hopeless battles and can’t be beaten. Others are pushovers or anti-climactic, dying before the fight ever really gets going. However, there is that special kind of boss that just can’t be kept down, appearing again and again regardless of how often Death comes calling.

Take a look at the Top 15 recurring bosses in video games, whether it’s the same game or throughout a franchise. Keep in mind that this list is in ascending order of toughness.





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  1. coughs then slowly raises hand …Warden eternal…?

  2. you forgot about Vor in Warframe. LOL. Course, who talks about MMO's.

  3. Seriously? GILGAMESH final Fantasy. Come on, how could you do this list without him?

  4. What about the spider mastermind in Doom?

  5. Y'all be forgetting: Rathian and Rathalos. Monster Hunter Series.

  6. I thought Bowser being number 1 was a no-brainer. I mean… He is the embodiment of a videogame recurring boss

  7. You put in some cod zombie but not bowser?? Wtf are you smoking?

  8. what about death from Dragons Dogma,Dark Arisen you have to fight him many times thru out this dlc for Dragons Dogma…not to mention that one hit from his scythe will actuarially kill you no matter how strong you are

  9. I hate this channel. They make shitty rip off videos and only ever try to start shit. Fuck em. You'll never get another view from me gaming bolt.

  10. Metal Sonic also makes an appearance in the Sonic content in LEGO Dimensions, which I thought was a fun reference


    Vergil ( Devil May Cry )
    Bowser ( Super Mario Bros )
    Kaos ( Skylanders )
    Ogura ( Starfy series )
    Vorkken ( Wonderful 101 )

  11. No Sigma, come on man he just does not freaking stop coming back for more.

  12. no bowser, complete fail of a list

  13. What about the ninja gaiden 2 spider ninja dude. He was very memorable and a fun progresor

  14. i could almost swear you already made this list???

  15. reallly no crawmerax? oh well ima still like

  16. im commenting b4 watching but if i dont see a certain borderlands 2 boss im disliking

  17. dark samus keeps coming back for a reason. in metroid if u read a certain space pirate log and see the ending of that game. then play the second game and maybe the 3rd. then u piece stuff together and bam. thats why she keeps coming back

  18. What about the Big Daddies? Why aren't they on this list?

  19. The pursuer – Dark Souls 2 : scholar of the first sin.

  20. scarecrow didn't just threaten, he actually umasked batman, i give no shits about spoilers.