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TOP 15 NEW Upcoming Games of 2017 & 2018 (PS4 / XBOX ONE / PC)

15 NEW GAMES Coming in 2017 & Beyond | NEW UPCOMING GAMES of 2017 ON PS4 XBOX ONE PC 0:00 SCUM 2:24 GreedFall 3:11 DieYoung 5:04 The …


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  1. 2017.. and these is what they came up with..

  2. what a great time in life to own a ps4 and an Xbox one.

  3. Daymare

    "More like residents evil and silent hill"

  4. Welcome to hanwell

    "More like silent hill"

  5. Every one of them except for Greedfall looks boring.

  6. Wasn't there an avatar game some yrs ago?? I used to play it on my uncles laptop

  7. so many people trying to be the next outlast lol

  8. "with the power of massives snowdrop engine" it hasn`t impressed me in all honesty

  9. why is scum called scum
    am I really the only one who noticed that

  10. Die Young copied dying light Animations and parkour. sorry for bad inglish

  11. Middle earth shadow of war thriller true message is "The Great Deceiver, One Eye Dajjal" will return in the middle east and gather his army to rule the world.

  12. All of the horror games look so crappy and not original

  13. I like how avatar didn't show a single in-game scene, only scenes from the movie

    Besides ubishit is working on it…

  14. best video of the year isaw my fav redeemers and that all horror games amazing

  15. Mechwarrior 5 mercenaries in 2018 as well…

  16. what is the name of soundtrack in Lost Region