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Top 15 Best Xbox One Action Games

Check out the best and highly-rated ACTION games on the XBOX ONE console so far.

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“Early Riser” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


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  1. thank you so much for games like it's

  2. What is halo 5 guardians play score?

  3. according to this review, relation are not complicated but fallout 4

  4. You know you can't trust a channel if they have better things to say about the mad max game than just cause 3

  5. guys can u tell me the play score of Rocket League xD !

  6. If only this video was made after overwatch got big

  7. I would like to know the play score of watch dogs 2

  8. Let's face facts the best action game of all time is far cry 3 hands down nothing has topped that yet and the 2cnd best is skyrim elder scrolls

  9. Some of these are bad dis like fall out 4 is trash

  10. fallout won't ruin shit cause I don't have girlfriend, but idk im scared

  11. what is the play score of halo 5 and halo the master chief collection?

  12. What's the play score of destiny

  13. What is the play score of dying light the following

  14. ROCKET LEAGUE GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. just cause 3, madmax,alienisolation, batman,farcry,the,witcher 3 Dragon age,metal gear solid, GTA are also for ps4 not just Xbox one

  16. #1 The Witcher 3 (GOTY)
    #2 GTA 5
    #3 Tomb Raider
    And nobody cares for Fallout 4 🙂

  17. Whats Killer Instinct PlayScore?

  18. how about battlefield hardlines playscore