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Top 15 AWESOME Upcoming OPEN WORLD Games 2016/2017 (PS4 Xbox one PC)

2016 the year of the open world game. Every game franchise iteration that came out shoehorned an explorable environment into its hyper-polished murder simulation. often they added a bit of base construction and squad management too. Horizon Zero Dawn, Final Fantasy XV, Days Gone…

Here the line-up that contains the best games around:

15 – Dead Rising 4
14 – Steep
13 – Yakuza 0
12 – Escape from Tarkov
11 – Crackdown 3
10 – Gravity Rush 2
09 – Star Citizen
08 – Ghost Recon Wildlands
07 – Watch_Dogs 2
06 – Mafia 3
05 – Scalebound
04 – Spiderman – PS4
03 – Final Fantasy XV
02 – Days Gone
01 – Horizon Zero Dawn

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Credit (ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by BENSOUND) (GR:Wildlands,Spiderman)

Extreme Action by Bensound is licensed under Creative Commons license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/…)
Source: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music


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  1. Came here cuz of the thumbnail ;p

  2. hey, at the second game!
    where does France with Austria plus Italy plus Swiss meat????

  3. name of the music plss 5:35? – star citizen

  4. Dead rising 4 looks like the funniest apocalypse ever!

  5. 4:16 unrelenting lag and lagging
    16:58 you know how this is gonna e…. totally doesnt hear the horde thats basically right under him before that

  6. what about red dead redemption 2

  7. Too bad mafia 3 was total shit.

  8. the 2nd most best game looks like walking dead but in watch dogs

  9. Beautiful considerable apartment scatter ugly menu patch teaspoon.

  10. Escape from Tarkov looks fucking AMAZING. The only one on the list I care about honestly.

  11. Can't wait till spiderman PS4 comes out

  12. Whats the name of the one with a flying car? Please!! I need a answare!

  13. I have
    watchdog 2
    Final fantasy xv

  14. Where is Forza Horizon 3??? -_-

  15. Days gone looks fucking sick af

  16. what a horible graphic on this vga . ahaha

  17. Xbox gets shit when it comes to open world games. And when it DOES get something it's a gory, dark, sadistic, sexual game with an F-bomb every other sentence and heads getting blown off! Is that seriously all they can offer? And if it's not a gangster game where you can rob, shoot, mutilate, have sex with, run from the police game it's a ANOTHER fucking zombie game… if that's what society has devolved into as having those for the ONLY pleasure they can get from games then I'm sorry I ever got an Xbox…

  18. What game was the mustang part from

  19. Very dangerous game, I am afraid .

  20. Who else thought negan in the opening shot

  21. Is their possible that the FF XV will put in PC??

  22. Escape From Tarkov is one of the ugly types of games with good looks and "realistic" elements which give you a headache…