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Top 10 Xbox One Games for Kids | ESRB Everyone

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Ranking the best kid-friendly video games on the Xbox One gaming consoles. These are released XB1 titles that have received an ESRB rating of “Everyone” or below.

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  1. sooooooooooooo kids can only play car games?

  2. hello there somebody knows some good upcoming ps4 multiplayer games in early 2017?

  3. make more mobile and nintendo videos u forget them often

  4. A kid playing Kerbal space program is a genius ^^ It's a very difficult game !

  5. Top ten best American Video games!

  6. Make one for toddlers and teenagers version next pls <3

  7. I was expecting minecraft, Roblox, and plants vs zombies LoL

  8. Finally, No more getting lost in stores just to find a game for my age over the 9:1 ration of mature games!

  9. What is the playscore of gta 5 xb1 and ps4

  10. Let's be honest kids play adult games

  11. thanks for this bc my cousin is getting a Xbox and he 6 and once again great list

  12. make the same for ps4 pleaSe

  13. my friend bet me $50 can't hit 225 subs by Sunday, let's help prove him wrong!

  14. I wouldn't really say Forza is for kids but… I also love Nintendo games so what do I know about non-kid friendly games?