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Top 10 Upcoming PC Games of Fall 2016 – AWESOME Upcoming PC Games!

In this video, we take a look at the Top 10 Upcoming PC Games of Fall 2016. Which of these games are you excited for? Do you think we missed any games? Comment your thoughts on the Top 10 PC Games of Fall 2016! This is 10 Upcoming PC Games this Fall.

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#10 – Shadow Warrior 2

#9 – Gears of War 4

#8 – Dishonored 2

#7 – Forza Horizon 3

#6 – Dreadnought

#5 – Escape From Tarkov

#4 – Mafia 3

#3 – Civilization VI

#2 – Battlefield 1

#1 – Tyranny

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  1. Day and date** not day and day. Sorry that just bugged me a bit lol, cool vid though some of these I disagree with. Forza though, that's definitely the shit.

  2. hello everybody i download max payne 3 usuing utorrent now anyone tell me the utorrent is good program for download games or no?? and can torrent download all new games or just some games??!

  3. I just what to fucking if Watch Dogs coming out

  4. it's a meh list.. not my cup of tea. Where are the true good games?

  5. A World War 1 game without trench warfare. Haha…

  6. the gameplay footage selected wasn't the best for some of them, but thanks for the list

  7. Dishonored 2 is the one i think will be really great since Arcane studio are the most amazing game studio out there and i wish Bethesda would give them the next TES game since Bethesda are not as talented as they are, for those older enough Arcane studio is behind 2 masterpiece the first Arx fatalis and the Dark messiah of might and magic in my opinion they are the best RPG ever made.

  8. Great video, list in comments, and a good amount of gameplay with no commentary. New sub

  9. RIP PC games. Only the new Mass Effect will be worth buying when it releases.
    Seriously, this Fall selection sucks ass.

  10. This is a great game review video. Shows the gameplays, note the release date, right on time commentary, graet quality / audio. Bravo!

  11. all are just average .. expect bf1 .. we need more games like rise of tomb raider, syndicate etc

  12. bf1 beta was awful. it was exactly like battlefront EA which is watered down no skill gap game

  13. Mafia 2 linear design? Say what? it was a slow-paced GTA, just like its predecessor.

  14. I can't wait for the battlefield 1 release. The game looks amazing.

  15. Big forza fan here and so excited to see it on pc 🙂

  16. Cult of mush is that you. Me planet coaster, tyranny, and Ark Survival Evolved (dinosaurs ?)

  17. So other than Mafia 3, depending if you will be able to play in 1st person, there is only shit to look forward to then.

  18. Escape from tarkov is kind of ridiculous like oh ima spend real money on a weapon that if i die i basically just burnt my money also the accuracy of the guns is like noscoping with a sniper in cod nearly impossible to hit the target

  19. shadow warrior is one of those games that makes it seem as if america thinks japan, china, and korea are the same place called asia.

  20. Forza horizon 3 a supercar speeding across sand lol sim racer my hairy ass hole.

  21. The game in the thumbnail is????

  22. Mush? Where am I? am I having a stroke?

  23. Gears of war 4, Clean enemies? No decal damage on enemies after stabbing and multiple gunshots? yuck…

  24. Titanfall 2 and it's not on the list! try again

  25. also a thing i say play: Fractured Space over Dreadnought because Fractured Space is already out, free for play, not pay to win also it's on Steam right now! of cause still in Early Access but it's really dam good and why the fuck do no one put Fractured Space on any list? it's really a good game

  26. Gears of War 4 is sad story, Microsoft own it and now it's just about money, Gears of War 3 was the last real Gears of War game, all after is going down the money road

  27. which game is the character in the thumbnail from??

  28. My body is ready my xbox is ready XD


  30. Hi guys , on what settings do you think guys i can run bf 1 and get constant 100-120 fps with i5 4690k and an MSi gtx 970 ?

  31. Honestly game cross do some upcoming Xbox games cmon

  32. escape from tarkov is on my lost. but i heard that recent alpha gameplay is a shitstorm. is it true? anyone?