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Top 10 PC Games of 2016 | MIND BLOWING GRAPHICS!!

The top 10 upcoming pc games of 2016 the latest official list is out and here it is in its hot form!!! The top 10 most realistic graphics games for pc in 2016! Go grab some good graphics cards before you can even think of 2016 gaming!! here we are at the edge of 2015, and awaiting these top 10 pc games of 2016!!!
hope for the best!!

Sorry I could’nt include the trailer for Mafia 3 as the trailer had copyright issues and it will take my video down and block it if i upload the trailer as i dont have their legal permission. Thats why i included just the screenshots of the trailer. iam extremely sorry for that. you can check out the trailer form their official channel.

I do not own any of the game trailers shown in my video and the credits goes to the respective owners.


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  1. can i use 2gb graphic card for this

  2. "thanks for showing this video" . bro!

  3. if you are makin TOP 10 dont put fucking trailers,. make it with actuall gameplays ,, this video suckss,, disslike.

  4. thank god for games a good escape from this shitty reality.

  5. now it's 2017 and we'll look again at these games on this top:
    Cyberpunk 2077 hasn't had a release date yet,..Dead Island 2 is just a normal game with normal graphics (gameplay trailer),..Dishonored 2 and Mafia 3 are one of the worst graphics of the Year,..Tomclancy Division downgraded too much,..only For Honor and Ghost Recon Wildlands have good graphics,..:)

  6. most of the game are not released ….just beta

  7. Which song ws play ..espicially at 4.10 ..? Plz can anyone tell me

  8. And where is Uncharted 4? The #1 best graphics of 2016…

  9. Ghostrecon: Wildlands? best graphics? lol big thumbs down on this list….

  10. Dead Island 2 isn't even fucking coming anymore.

  11. Half of the clips shown in this vid are CG ?

  12. No uncharted 4 u gotta be kiddin me

  13. Video is proof that graphics dont mean gameplay LOL

  14. wath is the game name of Number#1

  15. You can't base graphics on CGI videos. Next time base it off of gameplay!

  16. I need only tom clancy the divison uplay key cheapest pls

  17. Cyberpunk 2077 is called 2077, because it will be released in 2077, right?

  18. i have a lenovo z50 70
    GPU 840m 2gb
    cpu Intel core I 3 4030U 1.90 GHZ
    RAM is 12 GB
    HDD 755 GB
    what games do you prefer for my laptop?? Release is Summer 2014

  19. I liked "For Honor" mostly on the avobe list. ?

  20. Try playing all this game on windows xp?

  21. some games haven't even been released.. much can change..

  22. Lmao ghost recon ,is utter shit in terms of graphics

  23. Only bad thing, most of these games will launch in 2017! Nice title though…

  24. The "Mafia 3" trailer was copyrighted? No shit, everything is copyrighted, the other trailers too. The pictures from the Mafia trailer you used are also copyrighted and broke the copyright agreement by using them.

    Next time you upload a video, don't think of yourself, think of the publisher and game maker. Always assume that they want you to include their video because, that's free advertisement for them. And if they don't want that, they you say "eat shit!" and use the video anyway because nobody's supposed to police your creation when it doesnt harm anyone.

  25. these are just the trailers. the game never looks this good

  26. That thumbnail tho! I'm not a console gamer. I own a PC.

  27. let me guess the best graphical games : Call Of Duty Black Ops III, Batman Arkham Knight, Need For Speed (2015) , Battlefield Hardline, Battlefield 1 , Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Watch Dogs 2 , Grand Theft Auto 5 BTW the games you showed us are also amazing including Tom Clancy's The Division nice job dude

  28. Weveryone this is their intros not ingame the grapichs wont be like this

  29. For Honor comes out in 2017 tho…