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Top 10 PC Games of 2015 The Best PC Games of 2015 So Far

We are well over halfway through 2015 and in this video, I take a look at the top 10 PC Games of 2015 so far. If you agree with my top 10 PC Games of 2015 or disagree with my top 10 PC Games of 2015 comment down below!

#10-Wolfenstein the Old Blood
#9-Ori and the Blind Forrest
#8-Dying Light
#7-Life is Strange
#6-Rocket League
#5-Project Cars
#4-Cities Skylines
#3-Pillars of Eternity
#2-Grand Theft Auto V
#1-The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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  1. u dont need all of those games all u have to do is to follow the damn train

  2. The Witcher 3 is superb graphics and storyline quests. It 's amazing that even the side quests are interesting and engaging. It 'a pleasure to explore the map and find hidden places, or watch the interactive scenes in which the characters talk to each other. The nice thing is that some of the protagonist changes are also visible through these interactive scenes, such as a change of clothes, his beard and hair, and even the effects of potions on the face. The soundtrack is also very good choice, and the characters are very charismatic.

  3. Witcher 3 is a beautiful great game but holy shit project red downgraded the game like ubisoft does to theirs. these gaming companies are getting real shady lately

  4. Good top 3. All you need from that year.

  5. The SIMS 3 is on the house! FREE ADD to Origin (LIMITED TIME). Watch video step by step: https ://goo.gl/sWGkFf

  6. how to download these games and which is the best website pllz help me

  7. it always sounds like hes yelling


  9. Comparing forza to project cars is not very accurate

  10. which good games can i play (low graphics are okay for me) graphic card: nvidia geforce gtx 750
    intel i5 something (the cpu isn't that old

    4gigs of ram ( i know it's not much ?)

  11. I absolutely agree on "Witcher 111", but where is "Starcraft 11"?

  12. where is assiasan creed assisans creed take no.1 postion

  13. Yep, finished Witcher 3 last weekend. Waited until I had my PC ready. Upgraded from an older AMD system in Jan. to a complete custom liquid cooled 6700k intel system with a GTX 1080 Strix card. I fell in love with the graphics at first then the story later and wished I had played the others first…you are correct I had no trouble jumping in and playing without knowledge but I'm now playing Witcher 2 just because I loved to story so much I needed more.

  14. what about undertale its best game ever

  15. Hace tiempo no veia un buen top 10 🙂 exelente

  16. wow dude the first 5 games should not even be on the list zou should update it

  17. hi bro i think that you made a mistake 1st should be gta 5