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Top 10 PC Games 2016

Idiotech presents his Best PC Games of 2016. If you disagree with my list please post your own below. The goal of this video is to let you know which games I think are worth your time and money this year. Have a great holiday season! 🙂

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  1. The best third person game is apb reloaded

  2. first time that i found a video that acctually fits me i will get 6 of those games thanks alot. (sry bad english)

  3. Nice video but I think you say "Experience" a little too much 😀

  4. 1. crysis 3
    2. battlefield 3
    3. blur
    4. pes2017

  5. Thanks!! Hope you have an awesome New Year!

  6. fire watch is definitely one of the greatest games of 2016

  7. Loved the way you described the game and the rhyme and reason why you picked what you did. This was my first video by you, but it most definitely will not be my last! Thank you!

  8. this is the worst thing I have ever seen

  9. firewatch was one of the most beautiful games, i've ever played.

  10. Hi, the way you describe is best and I have ever seen

  11. (late af) Nice top man! This is what gaming comunity should be about, sharing good games and a healty opinion, instead of bitching in a tunnel vision of our favorite games. Insta-Sub for me , keep up the good work!

  12. I can't agree with Stellaris only because I would replace it with endless legend lol

  13. thanks man! now i know i'm gonna buy titanfall 2 for my birthday ^^

  14. thanks man! now i know i'm gonna buy titanfall 2 for my birthday ^^

  15. 13:50 I wanna play NOW – im searching for a good singleplayer game for my next LAN-Party ^^

  16. Can you spell Arugami for me, please? Is it Origami, aurugami, oragami?

  17. I agree with you so much on DOOM

  18. lets get roiiigghtt into the list of games

  19. I'd rather a education based game like age of empires

  20. titan fall 2 is literally just a copy of bo3 from the design to the gameplay

  21. I hate overwatch and i hate myself for buying this shit for $30. Played 80h.

  22. loved what you say about firewatch its an awesome game <3 thx 🙂

  23. problem with "games" like abzu is as cool as it is I can't recommend people buy it when the experience isn't much better playing it vs just watching a let's play online

  24. I think a Dragonball Xenoverse 2 is the best game

  25. @Idiotech…..
    For a kid who is less than 3 years old, this is an awesome list. But come on, i was looking for more like grownup or more actions and interesting games. Your list missed all of the best games of 2016.

  26. lol hordes of fish it's school of fish

  27. which app do u use for thumbnails

  28. Wallenstein 3D was your first shooter game, and you're "OLD SCHOOL". LOL

  29. firewatch is still the only game i have ever beaten in one sitting

  30. i wouldnt play any of these games,thanks……