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Top 10 PC Games 2015

Idiotech presents the Best PC Games of 2015. If you disagree with my list please post your own below. The goal of this video is let you know which games I think are worth your time and money this year.

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  1. what is the name of all the games?

  2. i have baught six siege twice and not downloaded it and refunded it do i buy it again and keep it?

  3. grant theft auto V eleased in 2013

  4. This is the most professional video of its kind I have ever seen. Such good work, I applaud you, and hope you gain many more viewers and never succumb to pandering, mediocrity, hype, bullshitting and selling-out.

  5. next time u use rocket league dont use bad gameplay

  6. yo need to do a videov in 2017 top 10 games pc ok ☺☺

  7. what one name >>>??????
    No meroy card

  8. Rocket league is dead(for me).

  9. if u put the name of the games it will be easier for the non speaker english

  10. жаль что я не понимаю, а так top ?

  11. Name of artist & sound of intro music?

  12. The pain of a shitty computer ??

  13. DO not download Dirt Rally if you are going to play with mouse and keyboard BECAUSE it is really hard.

  14. whats the number 2 game title please?

  15. Wow, I have just about all of those, I disagree with some of them being one of the best, but certainly most are properly placed.

  16. HI mate what sort of graphics card would you need to use Rocket league??? considering getting it

  17. So many games, so little time.
    Still great recommendations on that list at the end of 2016.