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Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games That Look Promising

Top 10 Nintendo Switch Games That Look Promising // Subscribe: http://goo.gl/Q2kKrD // TIMESTAMPS BELOW ———————– CELEBRATE 10 YEARS OF …


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  2. As someone who isn't exactly a "Nintendo fan" even i must admit Zelda Breath of the Wild looks really cool

  3. Sonic forces? Sonic mania? no..okay ;-;

  4. I'm certain Xenoblade chronicles 2 is a direct sequel to the first. After literally hours of looking through the single trailer the amount of similarities is too damn high. The protagonist has the Monado, the same steampunk style that shulk has and a shit-ton of references.


    The game seems to take place after Shulk creates the new world, as it has the same look and tha massive tree seen could likely be the new Frontier villiage, as Nopon are present. The High Entia and Machina however, are nowhere to be seen. In Xenoblade X an npc Nopon will talk about a flying city blowing up – Most likely the High Entia city. It's likely that is the case as the High Entia were extremely technologically advanced, so the may have taken their technology too far, leading to their demise. There could have also been an important festival going on in the city, so all High Entia must be present, like a the next successor to the throne to be announced. A terror attack may have taken place, killing off the High Entia. I do, however, have no idea whatsoever may have happened to the Machina.

    Any thoughts fellow Xenobladers? I'll try to add more information as I learn more.

  5. I'm pumped up for Zelda,MK8Deluxe, Super Mario Oddysey,Skyrim,and best of all Splatoon 2!!

  6. 10. Skyrim… why would i want a game i have allready finished since years and is kinda boring without mods.
    09. and another Street fighter… wooohoo
    08. i do not play racing games…
    07. minigames that should be free to play and not to buy as full price titel…
    06. not a fan of fire emblem…
    05. xenoblade was not so good on the WiiU…
    04. mario kart 8 + spaltoon… why would i spend money for this…
    03. woohoo, even more unneeded weapons, final hair styles… and still not muchof story mode…
    02. don't like mario, and seeing him next to real humans meking it even less interesting
    01. Zelda comes out for the WiiU so i do not even need the switch…
    all in all the releases are so boring for the year 2017… not worth buying

  7. I bought my Nintendo Switch then sold it for $900

  8. The lack of games on the Nintendo Switch is just hilarious

  9. Will the skyrim game come with mods?

  10. skyrim have alrery in the pc,xbox and playstation

  11. Skyrim is definitely not " One Of The Best Games Ever".

  12. That until super street fighter 2 and knuckles

  13. Guess what? A Wii U game is gonna be game of the year! Which game you ask? You're damn right it's Nintendo Land.

  14. 3:56

    yeah Nintendo
    XBOX and PLAY STATION never did that 🙂

  15. Why MK8D? Nintendo had SO MUCH potential for Mario Kart 9! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr D:<

  16. Too bad. I was hoping Yooka-Laylee to be in the first places or at least as an honorable mention.

  17. I love the switch trailer the music is so cool!!!

  18. I just noticed something. We haven't seen any kind of trailer or anything for super smash bros for the switch.

  19. i live at phillippines i lived t davao and go to one of their mall theres nintendo swithes there

  20. if mario odyssey was #2, we all know what's #1

  21. My PERSONAL top 10 games series

    1. Mario – SMB 3
    2. Zelda – LOZ 1
    3. Mega Man – MM3
    4. Castlevania (up until C64) – CV3
    5. Battletoads ( I get it, the series was short, but fuck off) – arcade version
    6. Donkey kong – the arcade game
    7. Contra – Contra 1
    8. Mortal Kombat – MkX
    9. Sonic – STH 2
    10. Kirby – Kirby 64

  22. Isn't Skyrim on the go = Skyrim on a laptop?

  23. Super Mario rpg 2 that's all we need

  24. Why not super Mario rpg! That game got me into games, like shit why have they waited so long why

  25. Switch only had 10 games lol hope this is better. I want to buy it just so pathetic the library wiiu had. Look at ps4 great exclusives and all third party. If switch had all third party big aaa games just downgraded slightly fine. If all we can expect is 4 first party gsmes a year and old ass third party games sorry won't work. Also only games they get from aaa games are old ones ugh

  26. Fun fact binding of Isaac afterbirth is on the nintendo switch

  27. you called it with breath of the wild

  28. Breath of the wild is way too overrated TBH it's too hypes

  29. #1 was no contest that is the only reason I'm getting it