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Top 10 NEW Gaming Laptops of 2015

PC GAMERS- we’ve gathered some of the best gaming laptops of 2015. We’ve covered a wide range. There’s a laptop for every gamer in here.
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Alienware 15

Gigabyte P37X

Razer Blade


MSI GT72 Dominator Pro G-1438

Aorus X5

Alienware 17

MSI GT80 Titan

Asus G751J (G-Sync)

Origin EON15-X


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  1. The razer blade and the titan msi are best

  2. what gaming laptop should I get that's affordable?

  3. Im huge fan of Asus and its takes 7th and 2th PLACES !! :O

  4. Im gonna start Building my First Gaming PC by 2017 and I want it to be a Complete Monster that I can use to go Beast on FPS style Games and be able to Mod my single player games along with all the other great functions that come with it.

    Any Tips/Tricks or know of the best deals on top of the line Parts or even some advice that would help a first timer would greatly be appreciated. My budget is Around $420-$499 which should get me started pretty good.

  5. i actually own a alienware R3 17 witch you forgot

  6. imma get the Asus 15,6" ROG Strix GL502VT 🙂

  7. Guys i don't recommend the alienware 17 it is pretty disappointing when playing fallout 4 and other games….

  8. I use the have a 1000 dollar sager but i refuse to pay another 1000 if 300 dollar laptop can run most of my games from low-medium,besides if want better graphics,thats what my ps4 and xbox one is for

  9. meeen i want 1 but they are pricey

  10. I'm waiting for laptops to start using 1070m's

  11. Can I change the graphics card in a laptop

  12. Can you replace parts in any of these? And i mean main parts like you can with a PC? I just had to toss a laptop because its motherboard died. I'd like to avoid that in the future

  13. Since my budget is pretty tight so should i get this?
    Asus GL552JX:
    i7 4720HQ
    4GB DDR3RAM (will upgrade to 8gigs)
    GTX 950m
    1TB HDD

  14. anyone know of a good cheap gaming laptop that's good enough run CG:GO for about $400-$500 or under?