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Top 10 NEW Games of April 2017

With April 2017 we kick off spring with a varied bunch of games (PC, PS4, Xbox One, Switch). It’s a solid month. What are you playing? Subscribe for more: …


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  1. The Sniper game looks like Uncharted 4

  2. who else is pumped for star wars battlefront 2


  4. NAWW, I'm looking forward to Arms bby

  5. Paper based environment games TPS was the best , who agree ??

  6. Wait, Dawn of War III is still launching at the end of this month last I heard. Not even a mention?

  7. jake's voice is the epitome of nasally. lol

  8. Drawn to death is free with ps plus this month

  9. dude who picks these games to show

  10. keep that anigay shut in your own country

  11. no silver cave is not worth noting fuck these stupid jap games

  12. game looks like shit on paper why would you even put that on

  13. You guys put a lot of indie games on it but are forgetting the game were a lot of people have bin waiting 5 years for DAWN OF WAR 3(btw plz do a before you buy plz)

  14. I hope Yooka-Laylee revives the 3d platformer as the few new ones there are aren't the best.

  15. dude all thos games sound like ass. the gameing industry is dead.

  16. outlast and sniper ghost were the only games in this worth a mention. The rest are casual faggit games.

  17. 4:08 MK8 deluxe isn't going to be released for the wii u.

  18. What about Club Penguin Island? That game it's truly an amazing game. The mechanics are very innovative, yet easy to understand and the story is great. I would dare call it one of the contenders for game of the year! Not only that but it is the spiritual successor to the critically acclaimed Club Penguin. It continues the story, and adds a lot to the already very deep and interesting story. I am truly disappointed you did not add it to your list, as it was a CLEAR contender for 1st or at least 3rd place. I'm sorry, but this list cannot be taken seriously if you didn't include Club Penguin Island.

  19. I can sum up the video in a couple words: A month of trash indie releases.

  20. Well time to finally buy a switch since I'll be able to save all month lol

  21. omg u guys are making persona pop!! I hope ppl get into it more persona games !! more take my money make more !!!

  22. Holy shit I forgot how annoying jake is

  23. drawn to death is going to be free for ps plus player for the free game of April XD.

  24. I thought Outlast 2 wasn't going to release until October…

  25. Not getting Yakaa Laylee because of Jontron

  26. I wasn't interested in YOOKA-LAYLEE at first but then I heard Jontron was going to be in it. Until they decided to kick him out because of his opinions. So I would have bought YOOKA-LAYLEE, if they decide didn't kick him out.