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Top 10 must own PC games (Top 10 essential PC games)

In this video, I take a look at my top 10 must own PC games – these are 10 essential PC games, especially for any new PC gamer.

Do you agree with my list of the top 10 must own PC games? Let me know what you all think in the comments section, or what your own top 10 must own PC games are.

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  1. Severely good videos, Maybe we can Collab!

  2. Just out of interest what card are you using?

  3. Um… you forgot one game a game that you can play multiple ways… by that I mean killing every one with a sword or knocking out everyone.. it also adapts to what you chose if you kill everything than the ending will be sad and hard
    But if you play non lethal than the ending is god like and the sequel for that game came out a couple of months ago that game is


  4. My games for PC :-
    1 – assassin's creed unity
    2 – assassin's creed syndicate
    3 – GTA 5
    4 – battlefield 1
    5 – ghost recon wildlands
    6 – just cause 3
    7 – wwe 2k 17
    8 – forza horizon 3
    9 – mad Max
    10 -mafia 3
    11 -fifa 17
    12 – Witcher 3
    13 – last of us
    14 – Tom clase for the division
    15 – lying dead

  5. i will download all the games … and cool some are free here:)

  6. I liked and subbed already I love this guy

  7. thanks for the great video! im a pc gamer and love buying and playing a new game! I agree with your list, and i own some of the games on this list.

  8. I also think you could have added "The Crysis series" and "The Quake series"…

  9. I'm new to PC gaming and appreciate your video. I will be checking out some of these games.

  10. i think you left an important one, portal 1 & 2, and payday 1 & 2, its your opinion, i know, but those are excelent games

  11. Thanks for the cool video. You just got a new subscriber.

  12. Would you think replaying the first season of the walking dead would be enjoyable? I played that on my PS vita about 2 years ago. I want to continue the adventures I had with the choices I made back then lol.

  13. Great list, even tho i would personaly add skyrim to the list!

  14. You're 40 years old gamer cool!!! I swear I wished my dad was like you

  15. nice top10 🙂 I think i should try mass effect series, i never really got attracted by mass effect series but i think itll be the next game i'll buy 😀 btw, what's your steam ?

  16. nice list! i do not agree with all of them,
    but still, it's your opinion!:)