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Top 10 Must Own PC Games! ESSENTIAL PC GAMES!

In this video, I take a look at the Top 10 Must Own PC Games. Do you agree with my list of the Top 10 Must Own PC Games? Let me know what you guys think in the comments section down below!

#10-Mass Effect Series
#9-Crysis Series
#8-Walking Dead S1+S2
#7-Elder Scrolls + Fallout Series
#6-Battlefield Games (3,4,Hardline)
#5-Rocket League
#4-Grand Theft Auto V
#3-Witcher Series
#2-Counter-Strike:Global Offensive
#1-ARMA Series

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  1. My top 10 games:

    1. League of Legends
    2. Dota 2
    3. The Long Dark
    4. Portal 2
    5. Minecraft
    6. Portal 1
    7. None
    8. None
    9. None
    10. None

  2. Anyone want far cry 4 whole game for pc in only 699

  3. i got masseffect 2 for free on origin 🙂

  4. No Bards Tale? Seriously? Really? No Command and Conquer? Really? and about so much more to include… lol And really if you like a good story no Banners Saga? dude lol

  5. No Bioshock? No Dark Souls? No Doom? No Half-Life 2? No Quake? No Batman Arkham series?
    "It's okay guys, he's got Rocket League and BF Hardline!""
    What is this, amateur hour?

  6. 2:59 can´t do better than that??? what about Bioshock Infinite

  7. The walking dead is awful, it has one of the worst stories ever ad some of the worst characters in existance…

  8. Half-Life maybe? It's a bad list when there's no Half-Life.


  10. sc2 ! LoL ! rust ! darksouls ! all PogChamp games this is a resdietnSleeper list

  11. 10- battlefront
    9- csgo
    8- half life
    4- battlefield
    3- batman arkham series
    2- league of Legends
    1- Arma
    honorable mentions- h1z1/final Fantasy/ some earlier cod/ and the real og minecraft.

  12. Games out of this list you do any don't need.
    #10-Mass Effect Series NO
    #9-Crysis Series YES
    #8-Walking Dead S1+S2 YES
    #7-Elder Scrolls + Fallout Series YES NO
    #6-Battlefield Games (3,4,Hardline) YES
    #5-Rocket League YES
    #4-Grand Theft Auto V YES
    #3-Witcher Series YES
    #2-Counter-Strike:Global Offensive IF YOU DON'T OWN THIS GAME BUY IT (just don't gamble or bother with skins)
    #1-ARMA Series NO

  13. guy says rocket league is casual. wish i knew that before i played 6 straight hours of ranked doubles yeaterday

  14. Did you say Rocket League was casual….. Hahaha no its not

  15. I'm not hater, you're list is probably good, but you're forget the best game series ever ASSASINS CREED… u dirty bastard

  16. Lol I was installing elder scrolls whilst watching dis

  17. Arma 3 is a great pick for PC gamers. And like you say: it stands for the culture of pc gaming and thats true.

  18. far cry series, middle earth shadow of mordor, resident evil series, project cars,nfs 2015,just cause 3,batman arkham series and rise of the tomb raider.These are the game that I have played

  19. Your audio editing is truly horrific..

  20. i have laptop with 12 gb ddr3 ram, quad core @2.5 ghz and 2gb amd grapics. which high graphic game works without lagging? my laptop heats to much during playing some games and shutdown suddenly. farcry 3/4,just cause 2,nfs rivals,ac lebration worked without any problem but some other games not working smooth like watch dogs 2,CS-GO during online play. what system setting should i use? is there any software?

  21. Tales of Berseria jRPG I just put it here anyway marvelous underrated series.

  22. I have none of em
    Mass Effect on xbox does it count ?

  23. Metro and S.t.a.l.k.e.r franchises are missing!.

  24. The guy with infinite set of lungs.

  25. can u put gta 5 in my dropbox

  26. Counter Strike, Mass Effect ?? Are you kidding?? Where is Assassin's Creed?? No Call of Duty, nothing.

  27. Prince Of Persia Series
    Devil May Cry Series
    Age Of Empires Series
    Assasins Creed Series
    Hitman Series
    Far Cry Series
    Need For Speed Series
    Sniper Elite Series
    Tomb Raider Series
    Resident Evil Series

    none of this games in top ten list 🙁

    u shud add few stuff more while making list

    1.games loved by peoples all around world
    2.hours of game play vs years of gameplay
    3.games that can be played over again and again without any regret
    4.when sampling take 10 peoples from each country and eliminate friends from it , use random peoples , i heard u say "my friends" many times soo basically this is u and yours freinds top 10 pc games
    5. peoples own interest in mastering the game and increasing their own playing skills in certain game

    most of modern games having great graphics are one time show
    u dont wanna play many games twice bcz they are not even worth that

    consider this a main criteria
    if in a sample of 7 peoples from different countries , if 5 peoples agrees that they would love to give another shot to game with a smile n interest then the game becomes a must have in 10 list

    your voice is nice 🙂
    i agree wit u on FallOut Elder Scrolls Mass Effect and Crysis to a some extend

  28. Too bad they don't have Red Dead redemption on PC!