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Top 10 Multiplayer PC Games | ScrewAttack!

After a year of speculation and mass internet hysteria, the be-all end-all list of PC Multiplayer essentials is finally here!

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Top 10 Multiplayer PC Games | ScrewAttack!


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  1. No Planetside? At least give it some credit for being THE definition of massively multiplayer.

  2. I like how the Minecraft gameplay is in like 15fps

  3. really… thanks captain everything 've played…

  4. How TF2 got the top of this list, I don't know, but I love this game so I'm happy.

  5. counter strike global offensive has 400,000+ downloads tf2:82,000+

  6. link for battlefield 2 plss free

  7. trash list for casuals.  RtCW: best multiplayer of all time, period.

  8. Wow Worms Armageddon listed! Great work guys!

  9. is this battlefield 2 bad compani or battle feilad 2142

  10. Me: Wtf no TF2? …. Oh now it's better.

  11. HAhahha… crappy Minecraft is in here?! Ok, i can't take this list seriously now.

  12. very nice but only i liked two games XD

  13. dota 2 you know the most played game on steam

  14. I haven't had tf2 for a year yet and I'm really close to mastering the pyro and scout.

  15. you should download wow its a free version to lvl 20 if you dont think thats enogh buy it and play to lvl 100

  16. download team fortress 2 on steam is free is very good game

  17. Don't waste your time watching this if you're looking for real intense games …. These games here are just not that intense ….

  18. My list in no PARTICULAR ORDER

    1. Garry's Mod
    2. Left 4 Dead 2
    3. Team Fortress 2
    4. World of Warcraft
    5. Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    Honorable Mentions: Dungeons & Dragons Online, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Killing Floor 2.

  19. Notice how everyone likes TF2
    If you play TF2, play Team Fortress Classic.
    I like TFC better than TF2

  20. You didn't include Dota 2. Consider replacing LoL with Dota 2.
    And thanks for showing World of Warcraft. I never played that game but now I will.

  21. back in my days LoL was Lands of Lore

  22. WoW is the best. No arguing allowed.

  23. STARCRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!! glad star craft maked the list but anybody got any love for halo these days ?

  24. What about world of tanks!!!!!!!! >:(

  25. these game are old except minecraft and counter strike 🙂

  26. sorry man ad you are 2.000.000 subscribe and you are 4k like

  27. He called league of legends free to play. That's adorable.

  28. 10.Battlefield 2
    9.Worms Armagedon
    8.Unreal Tournament 2003
    7.Quake 2
    6.Leauge of Legends
    4.Counter Strike 1.6
    2.World of Warcraft
    1.Team Fortress 2

  29. Am I the only one here because I deleted League of Legends and searching for a better game?

  30. Download crossfire na now or u will regret

  31. Again,tf2 is more than just hats