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Top 10 Gaming Laptops 2015

I read every comment so if you have any questions about this video please comment below and tell me how did I do. This video has been delayed for some time …


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  1. The Tactics Keys For My Alienware 17 Are On The Right Side

  2. Who wanted to buy HP Omen simply because they had a cool ad

  3. Lol "Razorblade Often imitated never duplicated"

  4. alienware 15 is the best one for me

  5. alienware is far better than msi …..fuck i stuck with this MSI GT80… when its new its super cool …..after 2 years battery fucked up ……my friend by alienware M17x-R4 his laptop still give battery back up ……………………….msi fuck you

  6. THIS NEEDS AN INSPIRON 7559!!!!! that is the best due to the price and performance! these are SUPER expensive!!

  7. Is hp pavilion 15 is okay?. I7 6700hq, gtx 950m 4gb, 128gb ssd, 2tb HDD. Is that okay for a student laptop?

  8. 1. asus !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Alienware people again and again say the word "THINNER". This word doesnt suits them….their all laptops are crap thick as fuck.

  10. Can any of these run Minecraft at 20 fps low settings?

  11. So, apparrently the i7 is a good gaming processor, because EVERY SINGLE ONE has an i7.

  12. Help me out here… Im tied between two laptops..1) alienware 15 1200$Core i5 6300hq nvidia 965m 8 gb ddr42) asus rog g751jt 1200$Core i7 4720hq nvidia 970m 16 gb ddr3L

  13. the alienware 15 better that alienware 17 wow

  14. what i must buy ps 4 ore g

  15. what do you think of ibuypower gaming laptop 17" and can i upgrade video and so on thank

  16. LOL Origin EON tho… destroyed your physics test XD

  17. If I were to buy an Alienware laptop, which one would you prefer?