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Top 10 Best Realistic Graphics Racing Games | PC/ PS4/ Xbox One

Games are ranked according to the scores given by Metacritic.

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  1. you'd better fix your eyes….. talking about graphics with this eyes will get you nowhere

  2. what kind of idiot have do this. Dirt Rally should be firt after them forza then projetc cars and then f1 and corza shloud more back aroud 6th place. I have a lot of the games and i play it at max perfomance with steering weal and this nummbering is fealture

  3. you clearly forgot "Raceroom Racing Experience". It looks very good, and obviously has the best sounds 😀

  4. Está na cara que esta lista foi feita por um fã da Microsoft.

  5. can we play forza horizon offline ???

  6. driveclub should be in the top 3 and assetto corsa ( looks like an indie game) 10th. trackmania 9th. thats a shitty comparison.

  7. Every fucking video is the same.. It'd be more interesting to see some hidden gems rather than what's been on the table for years.

  8. Need for Speed #1 no forza huuuuuaaaaa ……. forza..

  9. Why is driveclub nine? He's never played any of these

  10. Whoever made this vid is an idiot, forza Motorsport 6 and horizon 3 use the same graphics engine so why bother putting them both in you should have just had horizon 3 in #1 and dirt rally in #2 or vice versa

  11. If you've played the crew wildrun on PC max graphics you'll know it looks better than track mania turbo

  12. i really really want forza games to come to ps4

  13. I have to say I'm a bit disappointed you didn't include race room racing experience. it's a free game on steam. you should check it out and do another video.

  14. assetto corse dint deserve the 4th place and even this top 10

  15. need for speed Is not REALISTIC GAME

  16. Forza Horizon 3 is The best Racing game for me

  17. driveclub should be #3 The crew should be #10 this video review was so bad literally one of the worst reviewers ever I mean are you blind?

  18. forza has best graphics because its the newest one 23 september 2016

  19. The Crew Wild Run
    Dirt Rally

    The only ones which really is worth buying the other ones is just a bad kind of a joke! But of course this is my opinion and the guy did a YouTube video about his own opinion nothing wrong with that..

  20. fucking retarded five years old gayboy!!!

  21. Why the fuck is Assetto Corsa in 4th place?

  22. 1. Driveclub
    [usually I hate official sport tracks, but even there this game looked awesome.
    Also looked that game before, and it was even greater on the street, on moto, in rain, in mountains, forest, and so on]

    2. Trackmania Turbo
    [speed, engine, jumps are incredible! 😀 Of course without Track Mania's unique physics it wasn't said so]

    2. Need for Speed 2015 with daylight mod
    [it looks fast and beautiful with mod, also it's interesting to know how hard to drive with such cinematic camera]

    3. Forza Horizon 3
    [I almost sure that it became popular especially because of an open world. And that Trakcmanina don't have such variety of tracks and tuning, Driveclub can be played only on ps4, and Need for Speed require to do some stuff before it becomes sweet ]

    Other games was very good, I appreciate them, but compared to those they were slow or boring. < -<

  23. asseto fucking corsa do not belong on this list!

  24. The Assetto Corsa gameplay is from a very old early-access alpha version. GG.

  25. well maybe so, but a racing game is nothing imho without the realistic physics to go with it…

  26. forza horizon first? fuck off…

  27. 1234 subs…The Chronological Order!

  28. DUDE, u did mean NFS 2015, but u f*cking wrote NFS 2016!!!